Tuesday, September 18, 2012


I have still managed to do some sewing during these last months although I wish it was alot more sewing.  That's life, I guess!  This is what I have managed to do since Ben's birth...
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Haha...I WISH I had made one of these!  I have to admit that that is the photo from Pinterest and not something I made.  I thought it was very clever, however, to use that fleece fabric that would usually be used for the back of a quilt or something like that as the front of a football.  However, I recently needed a baby gift and I wanted to make something so I modified it into a miniature "taggie" version. 
As everyone knows babies like little "lovey" type blanket items and always have.  My mom said that my grandma used to cut up those synthetic polyester bedspreads, the kind with the satin border that you put between the sheet and main beadspread, into small squares for her kids to carry around.  Someone figured this out and now you can buy many small security blankets in stores.  They are cute and many of them have a little stuffed animal on them.  Also, there are ones named "Taggies" that have ribbon loops and make crunchy noises.  We got a homemade version as a gift so I knew a bit about how to make one (the crinkle comes from a clean food wrapper such as a cereal box liner or chip bag sewn in between the layers).  As I was doing some research online I read that if you try to sell these for profit the original Taggies company will take legal action since they copyrighted the ribbon loop thing.  Who knows if it is true but I don't plan on selling anything so I don't really care.  I know many people who make these.  I wish I had thought to copyright a ribbon loop!
I do know that doing applique is not my favorite!  Upon close inspection the laces and stripes on the football are not very well done but I will just pretend it is supposed to look that way!  Haha...and of course they are washable.  I have washed the one we got as a present several times.  Ben got a football one too and he loves it. 
And I also managed to make this quilt as a gift for the previously mentioned Aubrey.  I have no idea how I managed to finish this thing.  It took several months and I could, under baby free circumstances, finish a quilt like this in a few days.   

I love it though...the fabrics are very nice but not overly babyish and I love how the trapezoid shaped blocks are still very simple but look more interesting than regular squares.  I have done it a few times now and I always like the results. 

On a different note, I went to a wedding of a college friend this weekend minus Justin and Ben and it was a blast.  I have to mention that my friends and I stayed in a haunted hotel that is going to be on a ghost story show on the Travel Channel on October 4!  EEk!  We didn't know it was haunted until check in.  I was only there for Saturday night and we were pretty...uhhh...tired...by the time we went to bed after the wedding so if anything paranormal happened we wouldn't have noticed anyway!  It was called the Palmer House in Sauke Center, MN if you want to look up the legend. 

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