Monday, September 24, 2012

First World Problems

I have some MAJOR first world problems happening right now.  Well, I always have many.  You know, problems that people in developing countries would not even think about.  For example, some of mine include the fact that my dresser drawers are so stuffed that sometimes a shirt falls behind the drawer and makes it impossible to close the drawer and the fact that the autostart in my car does not also turn on my seat heaters (Ughh so annoying!)  My current issue is that, last night, I tried to turn on my computer only to have it immediately go black because the battery was drained even though it was plugged in!  I checked the obvious issues and then realized the little light on the rectangle shaped thing (what is that called?)  in the power cord wasn't lit up.  Yes, the cord has quit working and it none of the other cords in the house matches with that computer.  #(*&$@)!!!

Fortunately, we have Justin's old Dell from 2004, the iPad, smart phones, and a computer I use to help my mom with her office duties in the house in addition to my computer.  Indeed...first world problems!  I know ordering a new cord is pretty expensive from the computer company (Dell) and was ready to shell out.   However, I found a replacement cord and a new battery as well on Amazon for $40.00 so now I just have to wait for them.  So don't expect much from me this week, at least in pictures. 

Speaking of pictures, I made Justin come with me to the park last night to take some pictures of Ben since the leaves are starting to turn.  They aren's as "fall-ish" as I would like because the grass is still green but some of them were OK.  I think we should have waited an hour because the light was still pretty bright and Ben was squinting in alot of them.  I know I hate having to take pictures with bright light in my face so I understand how he was feeling!  Here are some of the better ones...some of them could use cropping and adjustment but I don't have my computer with the editing software so that will have to come later!

The ever present drool!

This is his "I'm about to fuss" face!

As you can see,  we had some trouble getting him to look at the camera...there was alot to see at the park!

We brought this cute little wagon of Justin's from when he was a kid and I am so sad about these pictures!  They could be so cute and I love the pop of red, but SOMEONE would not for any reason look up!  There is a big silver bolt holding the handle to the wagon and it was, at the moment, the most interesting thing in the world. 

Yeah..too bad about those pictures...

I took a few more this afternoon on the deck and in the living room.  The deck was shaded so he had an easier time opening his eyes. 

I did the laundry from the weekend and put him in some bison clothes for a few photos!  Poor kid...I use him as a test subject!

Of course, there had to be the usual sabotage...

"Alalala" made an appearance and quickly decided he wasn't interested!

Hope you enjoyed the major "photo bomb"!

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