Thursday, September 6, 2012

6 Months

Hard to believe, but Ben is now six months old...well actually he will be as of tomorrow but I am going to Colorado and will be in the car all day so I thought I better honor the day today.  All the cliches are right and time really does fly.  It sure didn't feel like it was flying on March 6th as I waited the day away, 6 days overdue, so the morning would come and I could go to the hospital to be induced.  And I can't believe how far I have come from those delirous first days when had no idea what I was doing and hadn't slept more than a few hours consecutively since March 5th.  Holy crap, what a mess I was.  I could barely get up because of the pain from the c-section I ended up with and was full of narcotic pain pills.  Every time I tried to get up to feed Ben in the night was a painful ordeal.  I didn't have anyone to help night nurse (many articles I have read online recommend that new parents hire a night nurse...huh?  Sorry...kind of out of the budget...) no mother taking up residence...none of the above...I am so glad I am passed those days for now. 
What's happening now?  Ben is OK at sitting but I wouldn't say he has it down. 

Mmmm...annoying Baby Einstein toy "mp3 player" that plays the classics in annoying babyish chime tones!  Delicous!

Toppling over! It took a few takes to get some good sitting photos!

Seeing pictures of my cousin's new baby Aubrey made me nostalgic about Ben's early days...this "going home" photo of her in her seat was so cute because I forgot how tiny they are at first!

I looked back at our photos of Ben on going home day...

Tiny little guy!  Now his feet hang off the end of the seat! 

Here are a few more pictures from his first two days home...

Allan being a good brother.  He must have been completely confused by a new little person showing up at his house!

Swinging for the first time.  Once again, he looks tiny!

Here are a few more current pictures...

Outside looking in at Allan...confusing for both of them!

 This is the usual diaper change routine is time consuming and tiring...he thinks it is fun!

Happy 1/2 year Mr. Fussy Man/Mr. Goo/Baby B/Baby Bear/Benjamin! 

Oh, as an afterthought...he woke up on Saturday morning with a tooth!  I forgot to mention it yesterday...a week short of six months...which is...average!  I am going to admit kid is average...sigh...

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