Monday, September 10, 2012

Ben's TV Debut

Two weeks ago I had Ben at our garden at the city's public garden and when I pulled up there was a TV station van there and also a truck from a local nursury and greenhouse.  It turns out that they were filming "Dan's Garden", a weekly TV segment that shows on the evening news on Fridays.  I have never seen it because we usually aren't home on Friday and if we are I am usually not watching the 6:00 news.  Dan asked if we would participate and I said, "sure, why not!".  They were interviewing another gardener as well and her segment was shown last Friday. 

Here is ours...

Haha!  Ben sure looks cute!  I look kind of deranged, with my eyes darting all over the place!  I blame it on them making me take my sunglasses off in the direct afternoon sun.  That is never a pleasant experience for me!  At least I didn't start sneezing like I sometimes do when I have am in the sun!  I love when Ben starts kicking at the end.  We just got to watch it last night because Justin and I were in Fort Collins, CO over the weekend to watch some football.  More about that later! 

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