Thursday, November 17, 2016

Tessa's Birthday

As I mentioned two days ago on her actual birthday when I instead decided to post about my cat's weight, Tessa is now three.  She has recently been to a themed party of a friend so she kept talking about her birthday party and what theme it was going to be.  Well, she didn't have a big party but she did have three small family parties with three cakes...well, two cakes and some cupcakes.  And Justin found Frozen cupcakes at the grocery store so that was good.

Cake 1.

Cake 2.

Cake 3.  Or, more like cake 2.5.  Notice the snowflakes on her gifts?  Frozen theme success!


That is a Shopkins set combined with copycat Legos.  So pretty much the best thing ever.  Ben had a rough time watching her her get presents all weekend.   He can't grasp the concept of everyone getting a birthday once a year. 

This little cake lover did not care at all that his sister got a bunch of gifts. 

She got some clothes, boots, legos, rubber stamps and various "treasures".  My dad gave her a shop organizing case to hold them all.  On her birthday at home she opened the shopkins, playdoh, a gift set of Frozen puzzles and games and a bag of vase filler marbles in a lovely pink color combination she doesn't have yet.  Yeah, for real.  The Frozen games included a Frozen themed version of the old game "Trouble" where the dice is in a popping bubble in the middle of the board.  Oh, do the kids love that game.  Oh, is it ever tedious. 

Tessa is playing Playdoh right now as I type this and she wanted to make a ladybug like the one on the box.  Silly me.  I threw together a ladybug in an amateur fashion and now she thinks I can make everything on that box.  Including the tiger with stripes. about that cute snake?

On Monday night I took her to get a haircut. It was more like a de-mulleting of the long hair in the back.  She has looked very ragamuffin-ish in pictures and we have a wedding this weekend so I thought I could start trying to style her hair with barrettes.  From the front you can't tell she had a haircut.  And now Justin gets to join the ranks of dad's who ask, with confusion, "you paid for that?" after a female in the house returns from the hair salon.  Haha.  At my house even my brother got asked that question.  From the man who had hair like this. 

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