Friday, November 4, 2016

Milo's Deadline

I feel like I've neglected the blog this week for the very boring reason of not having anything interesting to write about.  Let's see...I am breaking my own rule and saying pumpkin to tell you that Justin sawed twelve reject pumpkins in half and hollowed them out and cleaned the seeds so I can roast them.  That's a lot of seeds and a lot of slimy pumpkin flesh to separate and he did all the work.  I just seasoned them and roasted them.  I will be eating them for a long time and they are so good.  On the day I roasted them I ate so many I felt sick from them and wasn't sure I could eat any more.  Well, I was wrong.  Also, faced what I didn't want to face and looked up the calories in pumpkin seeds.  Hold on to your hats...677 calories per cup.  PER CUP!  Gaaaaah!  This is not good.  They are very nutritious and high in iron and magnesium but also full of fat.  Oh well.  It's the holdiays now!  I can eat whatever I want and deal with it later! 

Milo will soon be 13 months old and he hasn't walked yet.  He is so...close...He takes one step then takes a knee.  He kind of lunges between furniture.  Ben was born on the 7th and he walked on the 4th of the following month after his birthday (which was also my 30th birthday!).  Today is the 4th so I had given Milo the deadline of today to walk in order to be like Ben. We shall see...

Milo has been pretty funny lately.  He likes to open the cupboards with books and pull them out one by one and throw them on the floor. 

And you better believe he doesn't pick them up when he's done. 

I got out my limited collection of Thanksgiving decorations, which includes the gourds from October, a door hanger with leaves that say "Give thanks" painted on them and a cornucopia, or as I like to call it, the Horn of Plenty. 

Oh, and also these two turkey beanie babies.  They are so cute!  Hopefully I can keep these out of the kids hands which inevitably means they end up on the floor which leads to them getting a dingy look to them.  Or having a full can of Diet Coke spilled on them, which happened to Ben's Curious George toy yesterday.  Fortunately, he was at school so I didn't have to listen to him lose his sh!t over it and I was able to get George in the washing machine unnoticed. that I looke at it, this horn seems a bit sparse as opposed to plentiful...

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Ashley Strukel said...

RM i have a ton fake leaves for my still-packed cornucopia. I'd be happy to fill up your horn if plenty so I don't have to pick them up off my floor a zillion times. I love your stories. We should be neighbors.