Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Deer Hunting 2016

This post should have been added a few weeks ago...but...when I only manage to post once or twice a week things get pushed back and I am only getting to it now.  Ben went hunting with Justin two times and on the second time they, in Ben's words, "catched a deer". 

In case you couldn't tell, that is a buck.  A pretty big one.  I don't know how much Ben saw of the umm...processing portion of hunting.  I haven't been sure how to address the whole killing of animals thing.  It can be confusing to see an animal killed when at home we insist on kindness to animals, especially when kids aren't old enough to understand the benefits of hunting animals like deer in nature.  Also, many people in America today have a total meltdown at the mention of guns and won't let their kids enter a home where the people who live their own guns.  Fortunately we don't live in an area like that so it probably won't be an issue.  I have read research that indicates that young boys, for whatever biological reason, will play "weapons" games regardless of what you give them to play with.  I've seen lots of examples of this in real life.  I will say that "shooting noises" are very very annoying. 

So now the meat is at the butcher and...well..that black leaf bag is chilling in the bushes outside our house.  You can use your imagination about what is in there.  It's OK though, because my neighbor kept a full deer in the back of his pickup for a whole day, complete with hooves hanging over the side of the box. 

I hope all the kids take an interest in hunting and outdoor exploits.  I believe it is a much more worthwhile activity than most things kids want to do these days, such as staring at ipads and phones all day. 

I remember the first year I hunted with Justin back in 2005 or whenever it was.  There was snow on the ground and it was freezing.  There has rarely been a cold hunting weekend since.  Also, there was talk of a winter storm coming last weekend and it completely missed us so the snow plow reflector sticks were placed in vain...for now anyway. It was a good thing because we had to travel for my cousin's wedding over the weekend.  Pictures in the next post...hopefully.

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john smith said...

Not bad for a 15 week old pup. Deer Hunting