Thursday, June 2, 2016

Graduation Update

On Friday afternoon after we had left town for Memorial weekend, I saw an email from Ben's teacher that we forgot his present.  I had no idea there was a present the kids were supposed to take home and I didn't remember seeing other kids with one but I went and picked it up yesterday.  The gift was a book with a note from the teachers inside and there was also a collection of drawings the kids did every month.  They were told to draw themselves and the drawings really show their development as the months passed.  I saw these up until March at the parent-teacher conference and they are quite fascinating. 

This one below was the first week of school.  I didn't rotate the picture but as you can see it is an incoherent collection of scribbles.

After just one month he was drawing a body and a face with eyes and a mouth.

Is it a boy or a robot?

By March was writing his own name and drawing hair, ears and fingers. 

And here is the final drawing from May...It really is amazing how fast a child's brain can change.  I'm not saying this is advanced or anything because I have no idea what the other kids' pictures looked like and many of them probably looked better since some of them are five and going to Kindergarten next year. The comparison between Ben's first and last drawing is really impressive to me though.

He even has the grass and the sun in the drawing!  I hope I can be motivated to have him keep practicing this over the summer!

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