Wednesday, June 29, 2016

First World Problems

We have been having internet issues all week which is a continuation from last week.  We finally had a technician here yesterday and it quit working an hour after he left which meant I had to get on the phone again at 9 p.m. and then have another technician here today.  And they were going to show up any time between 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m.  Yeah, seriously.  Ugh.  We were planning on going to the zoo for a MOPS get together so I risked it and went and sure enough they called while we were there.  Fortunately we were getting ready to leave anyway and we barely beat them to the house. 

Also, this morning I woke up after a fitful night of sleep and realized I was really hot.  Justin was gone overnight for work so if he would have been home he would have probably lost his mind in the night.  I have a higher tolerance for heat than he does!  Anyway, after I noticed the thermostat said 77 degrees I opened the patio door and hear the AC box making a strange humming sound.  I looked at it and noticed the blades weren't spinning and it was very hot when I touched it.  Justin told me over the phone to turn it off and when the HVAC man came later he found this:

One of the fan blades was bent and cracked!  Fortunately, the motor did not burn out.  So we have had service people here for the last few days and they have been able to see the shambles the house is in because I have spent all my time fighting with the Internet all week.  I know the guy who was here today doesn't have kids and he's probably afraid to have them after seeing this fiasco!  He came to the patio door to talk to me and Milo was sprawled out on the hard kitchen floor right under his feet rolling in a pile of cheerio crumbs.  That is not how I imagined daily life with a baby back in my younger years but its the reality!

So, in the last two weeks we have had a broken washing machine, air conditioner and Internet.  These issues are so time consuming!  First world problems, but annoying still. 

A few fun things we have managed to fit I said we were at the zoo this morning.  We have gone there enough that the kids have their favorite animals to see  nd then we play on the playground.  Ben likes the otters and Tessa likes the monkeys.  Of course we had to see the bears and the big cats too.   There was lots of whining over wanting a train ride but I didn't want to be trapped on the train if the Internet company called. I would have had to make a leap and bolt for the parking lot and we probably would get banned from the zoo.

This is the only zoo picture I took.

Over the weekend we met the kids' new cousin Gus also known as Gustav Carl.  He is my brother's new baby.  He's so tiny!  Ben is still talking about him.

Alright, now I'm caught up on my "Interneting" and have calmed down after two days of upheaval and irritation so now I can think about getting the house in order (yeah right) and getting something decent ready for supper (yeah right) so I can watch Orange is the New Black on Netflix tonight (yeah right).  There have been Olympic trials on TV every night so at least that has been a good thing about this week.  You may not hear from me until after the 4th of July.  I know, dry your tears. 

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