Monday, June 6, 2016

Allan's Birthday

Today is Allan's birthday.  He is seven years old and on the day he was born I didn't know of his existence yet.  He was born to a stray who had been taken in to the Humane Society and he had three siblings.  I think there were two brothers and a sister.  The sister was orange like him and one brother was black and they were both already adopted.  He shared a cage with another orange brother who Justin didn't take and we still wonder if we should have sometimes.  I hope that, wherever he is, he has a good home like Allan and that his family remembers his birthday!

Here Al is today, being fat and old and fantasizing about being a tiger in the wild.

If he only had a chance at those birds...

I was so excited this afternoon because I caught a picture of his "tiger face".  Every once and a while he holds his mouth partially open and it makes him look like a tiger. 

Fortunately, since his first birthday in 2010, new technology has been developed so I can just draw a birthday hat on his head instead of this nonsense:

Hahaha that was that time I made him a birthday hat and thought it would stay on his head for a picture...dumb!

I was looking through my picture folders to find some cute old pictures of him.  Wow, did I take a lot of pictures of him before the children came along. 

He was so little!  Now he could suffocate that duck with his fat body.

This was one of his first days with us. 

Here he is laying on my rotary mat I use for quilting. He could easily have been an amputee if he had kept that up. 

It's hard to believe he is seven.  Seven is the low age on senior citizen cat food.  I guess he is a senior cat now. I hope we have many more years with him!

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