Thursday, June 23, 2016

Fishing and Baseball

I am getting behind on our "doings".  This week our Internet has not been working.  We have called the company, unplugged the modem and router many times, and called to have it reset over the phone.  It didn't work all day yesterday until around 10:00 p.m.  It worked right away this morning and then didn't for several hours.  So who knows if I will even finish this post!  Also, our washing machine broke over the weekend and we had to order a new part so Justin could try to fix it.  He did indeed fix it so since last night I have been doing laundry nonstop.  This included a load of drenched towels that we used to soak water up that leaked all over the floor.  So, this post is going to be a rushed assortment of things. 

Last weekend Ben went fishing with Justin for the first time.  They stayed at our friends house at Devil's Lake overnight. 

I hear he was a good boy on the boat although he got kind of bored after several hours.  As would I, Ben, as would I.  The exciting part was that he caught some fish on his own with his "Lightening McQueen" fishing pole that he got for his birthday.

This week he started t-ball.  This is t-ball offered through the YMCA so it is not quite the same as the t-ball I knew as a kid (I didn't play when I was of t-ball family didn't live in America...) which is the start of the continuum of baseball and softball that is American Legion sponsored.  I think kids have to have at least finished Kindergarten for that.  It seems that my classmates were still playing Little League in 6th grade so I would guess that "real" t-ball wouldn't start until age 5 or 6 at least.  This Y league is coached by unpaid volunteers which is dads still in their work clothes (it's in the evening) for Ben's team which is the last names A-E team.  There are three and four year olds on the team which means Ben actually seems mature and well behaved. I'm not bashing...last year he did a four session t-ball sampler program and he was only three in a group of three, four and five year olds and the difference between three and five year olds is ridiculous! I got a few pictures at his practice on Tuesday.

Here he is on first base, looking like a little teenager. They have practices on Tuesdays and games on Thursdays so there is a game today at 4:45.  They have only practiced once because of rain.  This should be good. He is excited because his team got red t-shirts to wear and red's his favorite color.

Well, I better go get myself presentable before heading to the game!  After I showered and changed out of my gym clothes I threw on a t-shirt and some sweatpants and Tessa said, "did you get your jammies on?".  Hey, Tessa, why don't you fold the ten loads of laundry that are holding all my decently fitting shorts and pants!  Maybe "jammies" are all that fit me right now! 

Here is a cute picture from earlier this week just for fun...

Don't worry, I caught Ben trying to lift Milo into the cart and helped him safely put him in there.  It didn't look very comfortable but he didn't seem to care...


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