Monday, March 7, 2016

Big Sky 2016

Today is March 7th, which happens to be Ben's 7th birthday!  Whoa!  At this time four years ago I was mid-induction and wondering how long this all would take.  I still had almost four hours to go before I ended up in the operating room having an unplanned C-section!  We will be going out to eat and having cake and presents later tonight so my next post will be about his birthday.  This post is about our trip to Big Sky.  I'm still recovering and wishing I could have one day to myself to recover since vacations with children are not vacations at all regardless of how much fun you have.  The big news from this trip is Ben becoming a skier! 

At Big Sky, kids can take a private lesson at age 3 and a group lesson at age 4.  Private lessons are quite expensive and the week of our visit this year was a week before Ben's birthday.  So, we went ahead and lied about his age and signed him up for a group lesson.  He had a private lesson last year and was very excited to ski so I wasn't worried.  We signed him up at a smaller base area instead of the main base area and it was apparently a slow skiing week so he ended up being the only student in the class both mornings he had a lesson.  He had the same teacher too 

This was the first morning, where he informed a friendly instructor who talked to him that he had a cat named Allan who pukes a lot...and also Milo poops a lot.  Awesome.  I quickly informed him that Milo was a baby...a BABY! 

Tessa wanted to ski too although I'm not sure she understands hat skiing entails.  She can take a lesson next year.

There he is after coming down the chair lift for the first time with his beloved teacher Lindsay.  That's Justin there in the black.  He ran into them during the lesson and went up the lift with them.  I tell you, those people who teach kids (and adults) to ski are another level of patient.  He really liked her.  The second morning he wanted me to help him put his skis on but as soon as she came over to us he instantly had to do it himself.  It was cute. 
And yes, I just said chairlift.  At the end of his first lesson he was able to ski a run that requires riding a chairlift!  Eeeek!  The second morning he and Lindsay rode it all morning.  I observed from a distance when I could. 

There they are!  This is my view from that chairlift.  The lesson was supposed to be over at noon and at 11:45 I saw them out there and I thought maybe it would be the last run since it was pretty windy and cold but she said, "one more time!" and off they went.  Those lessons are a good investment for sure. 

Here he is with my mom at the top of the lift. 

Here he is riding the lift by our condo with Justin and my dad!  Eeeek, right?  I am so delighted by his skiing progress.  He still has a lot to learn but he will know how to ski before he knows to be afraid.  I remember being afraid at times when I was learning and it is a challenge to overcome. 

Here is a picture of Justin and I together during one of the times we managed to both be out skiing at the same time. 

Someone took a picture of me in action.  Oh yeah...bring it on...I'm loose on the mountain not pregnant for once.  Watch OUT!
Tessa had fun even without skiing.  She went "swimming" in the hot tub every night and she never wanted to get out. 
Of course we had to take our annual family photo.  It's hard to believe this is Ben's 5th picture like this and he wasn't yet four when the latest one was taken! 

And, what did I see on the Internet this morning?  The royal family released pictures of their recent ski vacation!  I can hardly tell the difference between ours and theirs!
I wonder where they ski?  The French Alps probably.  However expensive and exotic it is, I would choose my beloved Big Sky! 

See you next year and many more to come, Big Sky!  One week never seems like enough and with the kids it's even harder to fit everything in.  I realized after it was too late that I didn't even ski on my favorite run on this trip!  It's called Big Horn and I don't know what happened.  Next year, next year...
And, if you are wondering, the drive there and back went surprisingly well.  On the way home there was even a stretch in Western ND where all three kids were sleeping at the same time for quite awhile! 

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