Thursday, March 17, 2016

Now He Really Lives Here...

Back in 2012 when Ben was a baby I somehow found the motivation to go to Hobby Lobby and buy some cardboard letters and coordinating scrapbook paper and create his name to hang on his wall.  I loved the look of it hanging on the aqua blue wall above his crib. 

Then I did the same for Tessa!  Her name seemed like a piece of cake compared to the 8 letters of Benjamin! 
Both names still hang on their walls.  I could not stand the thought of poor Milo not getting his name on the wall too.  We don't have much wall space left in either of the kid designated rooms.  Maybe one day I will live in a manor house with a "children's floor" or "wing".  It sounds quite excessive but it really wasn't.  The house I grew up in had the master bedroom downstairs and the rest of the rooms upstairs.  I heard a few people who visited the house over the years express surprise that we slept upstairs quite far away from our parents.  It never bothered me or anyone else I don't think.  Also, my mom didn't have to look at the piles of folded clothes we tended to leave in the hallway outside our doors instead of putting them away or the spare bedroom turned playroom that was always so strewn with toys that you could rarely see the floor. 
Back to Milo...Fortunately his name is shortest of all!  So about three months ago I bought the supplies to make his name.  I finally painted them two weeks ago and last weekend I FINALLY finished them.  I am ashamed to admit that I could not find my mod podge anywhere so we had to buy a new bottle.  I was sure it would turn up after the purchase but it hasn't so maybe it really is lost!
Here are his letters! 

I took these pictures in the evening last weekend when it was warm out and the sun was just starting to go down.  I didn't want Milo to be squinting in the sun and the inside of the house was a complete dump so I thought this was the best option but they look kind of dark with a blue cast.  Oh well, I will try again later.  And I can get a picture of them on the wall when we finally hang them which probably will happen in four months. 

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