Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Dying Eggs, 2016 Edition

When I unpacked the Easter decorations this year I realized something.  I have a problem with buying egg dying kits on clearance.  I had two traditional PAAs kits and a tie-dye kit and also the leftover stickers and accessories from last year's kits.  The price on the box is $1.75 so I probably paid $.50 for these kits but, although dying eggs with little kids is risking your clothing and furniture getting a vinegar scented dye job, I boiled up twelve eggs (which ended up being 11 after one broke during the boil) last night and after a lot of pestering from Ben this morning I mixed up the dye for the annual Easter tradition. 

Even though this is a huge mess I would never take it away from the kids.  I loved dying eggs as a kid and still do.  Not that I got to choose what was done with any of these but if I was a more selfish mother I would have made some lovely creations.  FYI...if you have two kids, eleven eggs is not NEARLY ENOUGH! 

It was pretty fun. Ben helped drop the little tablets in the cups and pour the vinegar.  He is now able to understand that the eggs need to be lowered into the cups gently and not dropped from six inches above the cup (ahem, TESSA) and that only one egg goes in a cup at a time (again, listen up TESSA!) and that one should remove the eggs from the cup with the included wire dipper or a spoon and not their hands (TESSA!). 

One of Tessa's eggs matched her shirt!

Oh, he loves his eggs!  As I am writing this he is standing by me with the six eggs left in the fridge that I need for baking and eating purposes wanting to "paint" them.  I guess I will be buying some more eggs tonight. 

If it were up to me, I would have left a few eggs white and one the shrink wrap technique.  It is so satisfying to see them hug the eggs when dipped in the boiling water!  Maybe tonight when the kids are sleeping I will do my own batch of eggs...hehehe...

Now these are the latest fun toy in the house.  The inevitable has happened and two have been dropped and cracked already.  Ben really howled and cried real tears over this although he shows no remorse when he hits or pushes Tessa.  Shaking my head...shaking my head...

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