Monday, March 23, 2015

Easter in the House

Last week it occurred to me that Easter is less than a month away and there was not a decoration to be seen in this house!  What was to be seen was a Valentine's placemat on the dining room table and my fabulous bunting that I used for my Valentine photos back in February.  So I dragged the container of Easter delights in from the garage and Mr. No Nap McGee helped me unload everything which isn't much.  I decided I wanted to have an Easter tree or branch this year because how can a person resist a holiday where a decorated tree in the house is acceptable?  Christmas need not get all the fun.  I had in mind something like this, which is from my Pinterest Seasonal Décor board. 

Cute Easter tree
We usually had one of these on our dining room/oddly placed living room table when I was a child and it was almost as fun as Christmas.  I remember buying the little ornaments at JoAnn fabrics and we always found the branch from around the farm.  However, unlike the farm, our current yard doesn't have a wooded area full of hundreds of scuzzy little volunteer trees just waiting for the job.  Here, we only have one tree in our yard because of the tiered rock walls in the back yard.  The tree isn't very big and I couldn't bear taking a branch from it just so we could keep it in a vase for a few weeks.  I feel like the Easter section at stores gets bigger every year so I assumed I could find a fake branch or pre-made tree at Hobby Lobby or a fabric store but I couldn't find anything!  I couldn't even find little ornaments anywhere!  I ended up buying a fake pussy willow branch to put in a vase which isn't at all the same.  Maybe next year I can make some ornaments or something. 

At least we have plenty of baskets and eggs to decorate with. 

I forgot that I bought those fun pattered and metallic eggs last year on clearance.  And I just noticed from the picture that they have holes in them!  I could turn them into ornaments! 
While tucking away my Valentine's Day placemat I came across stacks of unused dish towels from our wedding and decided it was time...time to rotate out a few towels...
I have memories of opening dish towels at my bridal showers and the women talking about how they still had towels from their weddings twenty or thirty or more years ago.  Now I can see how this happens.  Almost eight years later and this is my first time scrapping a towel and reaching into the pile.  And these haven't been used lightly.  There were many years without a dishwasher before we moved to this house. 

Goodbye, old dingy, hole filled, frayed towels with your many faded stains.  That horse one was made by my grandma.  I have a towel even older than our wedding that she gave me when I got my first apartment that still is hole and fray free.  Not all flour sacks are created equal in their durability!

Hello new blinding white towels! 

I believe that cherry towel is what would be considered a "nice towel" which you would bring out at times when people might see your kitchen!

When I was looking through the piles I found this very cute one.

 I will continue to hoard that one for another eight years. 

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