Monday, March 16, 2015

Ben the 3 Year Old

We made it back from our trip to Montana on Saturday.  We came home to spring weather and spent all weekend playing outside.  I am so tired from everything and the time change that I have hardly managed to unpack anything besides the necessities and am just starting the laundry.  "Spring Forward" is such a beast. 

Before I tell you all the fascinating details of my family vacation (since everyone likes to hear all the details of other people's family vacations!) I have to devote a post to Ben's birthday which was last Saturday. 

He had two mini parties, one of which was at a hotel since we were travelling on his birthday.  He didn't care though.  Here are a few photos from his celebrations.

He got a t-ball set the weekend before we left.  I thought it would be awhile before this thing got any use but we were able to try it out this weekend!   It was pretty fun.  I was never a t-ball player myself so I don't think I am the best person to demonstrate this equipment.  I played softball for two years in the later elementary school years because all my friends did and it was just embarrassing since all my friends had played since the t-ball years.  This was followed by a few mediocre intramural and recreational league softball adventures which found me happily chilling out in right field.
Here he is with his first cake.  For his first and second birthday he had a cake made my me (recall the Allan cake from his 1st birthday and the construction site cake from last year!) but this year he had two store bought cakes.  This one was purchased by Justin's mom. 

We gave him a present before we left on Saturday morning so he would have a travel buddy. It was Curious George!  George was a hit. 


That night at the hotel he received some other nice gifts including this farm set with a machine shed from Justin (and me, but especially Justin).  He calls it his "tractor house". 

Here is his second cake, which Justin purchased at Dairy Queen in Billings, Montana.   It was delicious.  I couldn't have done it better myself.  Not even close.
Of course, no good birthday post would be complete without a few old baby pictures to smile over.  His are really special to me because our old house is in the background.  I still love that wood floor. 

Having a three year old is hard to believe.  Three is a transitional year when everything starts, such as preschool and little kids sports at the Y and Sunday school and all sorts of things.  I feel like it is a gateway between being a say at home mom of babies to being a mom on the go hauling kids all over town.  It should be interesting.  But it is good.  He is a big boy now who doesn't even wear pull-ups at night anymore and can run to the bathroom without even telling me.  It's crazy!  He can also mostly dress himself and his memory is getting so impressive.  I can't believe the way he remembers books and songs and things like that.  He loves to draw and build creations with Legos and "help" around the house.  He can also throw a major fit for no discernable reason.  Aaahhh...three year olds are the epitome of crazy.

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