Thursday, November 13, 2014

We Pulled It Off

About a month ago, back during the beautiful beginning of October days, the impossible happened.  My family had a photographer (my friend from college, Kari Kay Photography take our photo.  It actually happened and it wasn't someone's wedding or the every ten year St. John church directory update.  I can think of two non-wedding professioanal family pictures we have and in one we went to a studio in Columbia Mall that is long gone and my sister and I were wearing matching velvet and satin dresses that my mom sewed (circa 1992) and the other was for a church directory in 1998 and my sister has a bowl cut and my dad was wearing his gym clothes under his dress shirt because he was going to play Sunday afternoon basketball afterwards. 
This was my sister's idea back when my parents started building their new house.  Originally she thought it would be cute to have us all posing on my dad's bulldozer which would be aiming at the old house but they aren't quite to that point yet so we got it done before the weather turned too cold.  We wanted to commemorate the old house.  It was almost impossible to schedule but I'm glad we did it because it might not happen...well...ever again until one of the infants or toddlers in the picture gets married. What you will see below is just a sampling so as not to spoil any Christmas card plans although there is a viewing metrics feature on blogger so I have an idea of how many people look at this and it's a very small fraction of who will see any of our Christmas cards and the people might not be anyone I know they could be from random Google searches or the 31 day challenge so...

I like this one because my hair is flowing in the breeze...haha...

The perfect shot for our annual sisters Christmas card...haha JK.  That's not a thing.

My dad with his sprayer that he built.

My brother reliving his senior pictures with a very uncomfortable dog. 

This new house looks like the cleanest, most pristine structure ever compared to the paint peeling, old Christmas light wearing white house. 

Jake the streaking dog.

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