Monday, November 17, 2014

Tessa is 1

On Saturday the 15th Tessa had her first birthday.  All the usual things everyone says about their kids on their birthdays apply:  The year flew by, I can't believe how she has changed, life wouldn't be the same without her and she is getting her own personality that shows more every day.  I still feel like she's a little infant who needs a swaddle!
My cute little baby...
We didn't have any big parties or anything but I knew I wanted a cute photo opportunity so I made some snowflakes and a birthday hat and I found some metallic fabric on clearance to make a gold and snowflake theme. 
There are so many fun tutorials for making paper snowflakes on the Internets now!  I kind of got carried away because it was so fun trying different cuts.  That was, of course, after my first attempt which didn't turn out so well.
Haha nice, right?  It's a jaw bone!
We were at my parents' house on Saturday and my mom ordered an ice cream cake and said to do something with snowflakes.  We received this very basic cake with edible snowflake patterned paper around the outside and "Happy Birthday Tessa" printed on top.  But of course it still tasted good. 

The birthday hat was a bust and was never on her head for more than a few seconds at a time.  She pulled the headband that it was attached to off and then we tried to perch it on her head.  Too bad since I made it just for her!  Babies don't appreciate anything! 

Tessa got a new quilt for her birthday! 
She got a new doll that is her twin.
On Sunday we had a celebration with Justin's parents.  We tried again with the hat.

I got a few pictures of her eating cake this time.  The previous night she was too tired and delirious to have any and got busy playing with her presents (wrapping paper). 

For some reason she moved it from the bowl to the cup holder before eating.  She is silly.

Happy birthday baby girl! 

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