Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Summer Came Afterall

It really did happen overnight.  After a long, cold "spring" the grass and leaves suddenly turned green seemingly overnight.  And it got hot outside!  The heat I have been waiting for has arrived.  And, NO, that is not a complaint!  In Ben's words, it is time to live life "outsides".  And if anyone says you have to come inside, throw a fit and shriek "outsiiiiiiides!" and grab the door frame and thrash and kick because you love being outside so much. 
Tessa also is enjoying her first real time spent outside.  They both had fun playing at the farm over the weekend and on Monday night she fall asleep laying on the deck while we were planting flowers.  . 

It is fun to get out the cute summer outfits!

Last night I took Ben shopping for some new sandals.  I intended to buy some sturdy, all purpose sandals but ended up buying both a functional pair and a fun novelty pair of flip flops with Lightning McQueen on them.  I plan to take him swimming regularly so I guess they were a good purchase! 
Of course, now he always wants to wear the cheap ones...
 Not related to summer, but Tessa ate some "puffs" for lunch today for the first time.  She didn't really get it and I had to put them in her mouth at first but she consumed them so I guess it was a success. 

"Brother, that's mine!" 
OK, I have to go "outsides" now and work on my flower planting. 

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