Thursday, May 8, 2014

Draft Day!

Yayyyy!  The NFL Draft starts tonight!  Every year, it gets harder to focus on this program as my house fills up with babies, toddlers and then more babies.  This week Tessa has taken up screaming inconsolably for about an hour every evening and Ben is constantly trying to drag me onto the floor to act out this one scene from "Cars" where Lightening McQueen and Mater are out messing with the "cows" which are depicted as tractors and then get chased by a combine.  He likes to have his combine chase Mack and McQueen an I like to spend my evenings on the couch watching TV so it gets a bit tiresome.  Anyway, I am still planning to watch the draft and hopefully do a recap post but who knows if I will even be able to pay close attention to any of it.  My posts from the last two years were pretty funny!

In honor of the big event I dressed Tessa in her Vikings jersey this morning.  As of this afternoon, the outfit is still intact!  Well, not the headband...those things leave a indent on her head after awhile so I usually take them off pretty quickly.  They sure look cute in pictures though!

Ben doesn't have any NFL clothes at the moment but I guess he can wear a Bison shirt tomorrow in support of NDSU alum Billy Turner, who is predicted to be chosen in the second or third round, which will be tomorrow. 
I wonder who my new NFL love interest will be?  Well, in addition to Billy Turner, that is...

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