Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Draft Recap

Well, as I predicted would happen, I watched all of the first round of the draft, quite a bit of the second and third rounds, and had the later rounds playing as background noise all day but I didn't really give it my full attention except for the first night because we were watching it on the DVR. And, now, almost a week later, I don't remember many specific details.  I remember the first pick, Jadeveon Clowney, because his name is Jadeveon Clowney and his hair was done up in spectacular style.  His new Houston Texans hat barely fit over it!  I remember this happening last year too.  

Jadeveon is pretty cute and also a standard NFL caliber beast of a man.

He was drafted by the Houston Texans which gives me a second reason to like the Texans next fall.  The main reason is that they signed Marcus Williams from NDSU as a free agent after the draft ended! 

I have another team that I will have to follow now, in addition to the Vikings, the Rams (go Chris Long!) and the Texans.  Two NDSU players are headed to the Miami Dolphins.  Billy and Brock!  YEAAHhhhhh!  I am happy about this one, even though Miami was never really on my radar.  The tropical climate of Florida seems all wrong for football but I am excite because I love their colors. 

I'd be happy to wear a t-shirt in Dolphin turquoise!  I hope it works out for both of them.  Billy was drafted in the third round and Brock signed as a free agent.  I think Billy has more of a chance but they are both three time national champions so I guess they both have a pretty good chance! 

What strikes me when I hear and read about all these NFL guys is that most of them are just dominant athletes in every way.  Their biographies include tales of being recruited to play multiple college sports and having to choose, being star players in high school in sports other than football (usually basketball and baseball) and deciding just for the heck of it to join some other team like track or wrestling and kicking everyone's butt at that too.  It makes me almost certain that the "specializing" and travelling team stuff that goes on in youth sports these days can't replace authentic and well rounded athletic ability.  I never heard anything about any NFL draftee (at least the first round ones because they are the only ones they talk about extensively) being on the travelling team since they were five years old or forgoing little league or basketball and focusing only on football.  Actually, it seems like the opposite serves them better.  The thought of youth sports makes me really nervous sometimes!  I hope, if Ben and Tessa are involved, that it can always remain fun.

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