Monday, May 12, 2014

Mothers Day Part 3 (for me!)

It's hard to imagine that this is the third Mother's Day I have spent as a mom.  I think the day is a nice sentiment but I also feel like it is getting really over the top.  Yesterday the Internet almost got tiresome (for me, that is saying a lot about my beloved Internet!) as every news site and social media site and general interest site was plastered with articles about "What I Learned from my Mom about being a Mom" and "What Moms Really Want for Mothers Day" and "What I Wish I Could Tell my Mom" and all month every product has somehow tied their commercials into Mother's Day and it all seemed kind of exessive.  It's always nice to be appreciated but every advertisement and article seems to be about the sacrifices of motherhood and martyrdom and I guess it's all true but we choose to take on the responsibility so why does it have to be so extreme?  What moved me more than anything during the day was seeing people who have lost their mothers remember them.  That was sad, but nice and more moving than another dumb commercial about a dad surprising his wife with jewelry over their video baby monitor. 

Anyway, I enjoy cute homemade kid projects (which I didn't get because my kids don't go to daycare or school yet and I am not going to make them for myself!) and all that stuff but I hope no one every feels compelled to prepare me that old clich√© of "breakfast in bed".  I think eating in my bed is really gross and the only times I have done such a thing could read as a "Mad Libs" game of debauchery.  It would go like this:

"One (night/morning), a group of (drunk/hungover) (dorm mates/sorority sisters/lifeguarding co-workers/study abroad friends/classmates) were feeling ravenous after returning home from the (bar/party/wedding/dance/Little I/Homecoming show/concert/tailgating) and they all piled onto the bed in the (dorm room/hotel room/cabin on the ferry/friend's apartment) and before they knew it they were chowing down on (chips/leftover pizza/Halloween candy/fast food/stale popcorn/ice cream/a huge candy bar from the duty free shop/more alcohol)."

These occasions are the only time I want to eat on any bed.  I guess I enjoyed doing it the few times I have been in the hospital for my appendectomy and to give birth but that's it.  I did get to sleep in a bed on Sunday morning, until 8:00 A.M.!!!  That was a good start to Mother's Day for me! 

I should add that Mother's Day does make me feel very fortunate to have my mom and both of my grandmothers still living and that Ben and Tessa have both of their grandmothers in their lives on a regular bases and for my babies because along with the material mentioned above, I have also seen many articles (I see a lot of these because I follow parenting related websites and publications on Facebook) about the pain of infertility and how hard the day can be for those who long for children.  I always knew I wanted babies and I am so glad that I have been able to have them without hardly trying and that they are healthy. 

Oh, and NFL Draft post coming soon!

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