Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Sports Weekend

On Friday, between compulsive Olympic viewing sessions, we went to visit Scheels to see the NDSU Championship trophies, also known affectionately as the "triplets".  There was all kinds of foolishness going on at this event, including a man with a chunk of the turf from the field in Frisco that he has been raising in a jar.  We just added to the mix.  Fortunately, a friend I know from law school was there at the same time with her baby so we took turns taking pictures for each other and didn't need to ask a stranger to deal with our circus. 

Ben was slightly more photogenic than usual in that he didn't immediately shove his hand in his mouth like he has been doing whenever he sees a camera these last few months.  He actually looked but didn't smile.  Oh well.  Here is our picture with the trophies last year. 

Ooooh he was so cute as a little 11 month old!  I will refrain from sharing the 2012 picture because I was about 47 weeks pregnant and my face looked like the Pillsbury Dough Boy.  I wonder if this tradition will continue with quadruplets? 

Tessa was looking fashionable in an NDSU sweater dress.  Good thing she was camera ready because she had her picture taken with the new Coach K.! 

The NDSU marketing person that was there put this photo on their Facebook page and it got over 500 "likes"!  What a popular baby.  I'm sure it had nothing to do with the coach being popular...He was a good sport in helping us carry on the tradition since Ben has a baby photo with Coach Bohl.  Right after we took her back and put her in her car seat spit up poured out of her like lava so we took the picture just at the right time.  No cute or special outfit is safe! 
After that was one we shopped around for awhile and we found Ben's buddy "Brown Bear"!  He was kind of scared if this bear.  I can understand why a little kid would be.  It's huge!

Another major success of the weekend was that we finally retrieved my jewelry hanging frame that I made a few years ago and hung it up.  It was attached to a metal school locker that I used as an overflow closet in the old house.  Now the locker is in Tessa's room an the frame is on our bedroom wall.  And, most important, the cardboard box full of costume jewelry that has been on our bathroom floor for almost six months is gone!  

Here are a few recent baby pictures from my phone for all the family members reading this. 

I am sharing this in conjunction with a story about a little boy who gave up pacifiers when he was a few months old and never needed or wanted one again.  That is, until the day his baby sister came home and used pacifiers.  Then, to get attention, he started snatching pacifiers and running off with them.  His parents initially took them away as soon as possible but then he started taunting them whenever he got ahold of one to get their attention and hopefully start a chasing game.  So they started ignoring it, hoping he would get bored.  But almost three months later, he is not bored and is in fact more interested than ever.  He has started dragging chairs over to the kitchen counter to reach the pacifiers hidden up there.  Sometimes he shows up with pacifiers that have been missing for several days and we have no idea where they came from.  He may have a secret stash somewhere. 
Ugh, TRUE STORY!  I am very annoyed with the pacifier situation and am still hoping he will lose interest.  The constant fight and regular fit throwing when we take them away is getting old and I am sick of cleaning the pacifiers that always end up in his mouth. 

I am being mean but I couldn't resist posting this picture of Tessa getting mad.  Her fussy face is so cute!

And here is a happy picture with some drool that is also cute.  I love her fuzzy little head! 

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