Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Crinkle Crinkle

Over the weekend I dug out my sad and neglected sewing machine and sewing supplies.  It was not an easy feat.  The machine was shoved in our guest bedroom, which looks like a tornado went through it.  The bed is still piled with wrapping paper from Christmas and every surface in there is cluttered with crap that we don't know what else to do with and papers I need to file.  I think I have mentioned this before, but I hate filing.  I don't care if it only takes a few minutes every few weeks to control papers.  I have never been able to stay on top of it regardless of how often I recommit myself to staying organized.  Also, my law degree is laying haphazardly on the bed in its frame and the closet is nothing but a wall of crap.  My fabric, which lives in two plastic Rubbermaid containers, was on a shelf in the garage in a very inconvenient place that we couldn't reach without disassembling a carefully balanced wall of more crap.  Because of these obstacles, I have avoided sewing since we moved here. 

The reason I wanted to sew was to make Tessa a crinkly ribbon blanket.  She is right at the age where they are the most entertaining and I didn't want her to miss out on the fun.  Since I was already turning the basement into a chaotic fabric party I made several of them since I know a lot of people who are having babies in the next few months. 

I don't know what it is about these that babies like so much.  I wish I had figured it out a long time ago, before the company called Taggies did and patented the concept.  The word on the Internet is that they will put a quick and legal stop to it if they catch anyone else selling baby goods with ribbon loops for a profit.  They are still all over at craft fairs and places like that.  
Tessa, not surprisingly, loved her ribbon  blanket.  I call it a blanket, but it is really a very miniature blanket and not a full sized one to use as a cover. 

"AAAaaahh it crinkles!"

Here are a few extra pictures from the last few days. 

Tessa looking cute in jewel tones!

She drove a tractor onto herself!  How unusual!

Justin took Ben to get a hair cut yesterday and he sat in the chair all by himself for the first time!  Here, we are eating at Buffalo Wild Wings.  He is turning into such a big boy. 

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