Tuesday, October 29, 2013

My "Klingons"

For the (approximately) last two weeks, Ben and Allan have been up my "you know what" non-stop.  Whenever I sit down Ben is climbing on me, thrusting books or used tractor catalogues into my hands and wedging himself in next to me.  And if he isn't around Allan is waiting for his chance to move in and drape himself over me.  As a kitten he was like this and then as he became more confident and secure living with us he started hanging out in his favorite areas instead of plastered against us.  He would keep a respectful distance at night if we allowed him to sleep upstairs.  Now he is laying on me every time I wake up.  When Ben goes to sleep I almost always collapse on the couch with some form of Internet access for a few minutes (and I admit occasionally...most of the nap...) before I do something productive around the house.  As soon as I do, he is there like in the picture below...

I looked it up and apparently this is a common phenomenon, especially with animals, toward the end of a pregnancy.  They can sense something.  Why that something turns them into annoying and clingy pests no one can say.  It is cute and I should be enjoying the love I am getting from them and I try to be patient with Ben especially, since I worry about him adjusting to sharing my attention.  On a daily basis I feel bad that I physically can't play with him and hold him the way he wants and also that I don't have a lot of enthusiasm for the play of toddlers right now.  Hopefully no harm is being done!  At least he and Allan have each other!  Allan likes to lay on the floor in the baby's room, probably because it is pristine and free of toys and clutter right now and there s space because the crib isn't in there yet.  I often catch Ben sitting in there trying to play with him.  At least they have each other! 

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