Monday, October 14, 2013

Homecoming and Harvest

Ben has been really interested in tractors lately and last week he got to go to the farm and ride in the combine and watch some soybean harvest. 
There were two combines going.  Justin is in the closer one.  When it got close he seemed kind of scared of it.  They are quite huge, after all!  And they have quite a few moving and spinning parts! 
He had fun and after spending some time "working" he got to go back to the yard and play with his beloved "Wal Wal" for awhile. 

At the house he found my dad's "Titan Trader" which is a catalogue of local used machinery for sale.  Oooooh yeaaaaaahhh...very interesting.
He started carrying it around the house with him for the rest of the time we were there.  When I took him to Fargo for NDSU's homecoming on Friday afternoon I brought it with I the car and he looked at it before he fell asleep. 

Homecoming felt less homecoming like than previous years.  The parade was moved to Friday night downtown instead of on campus on Saturday morning as it apparently was in the "old days".   I don't know how long ago this was since my parents went there in the 1970s and it was never downtown at that time.  I thought that it was not the best idea and that they probably had the parade downtown prior to the 1960s because campus was kind of out on the edge of town and almost in the country back then so no one wanted to have a parade up there anyway.  But it didn't matter anyway because an unsettled weather system moved through on Friday complete with tornado warnings, rain, and excessive winds that were so bad I could barely open my car doors and the parade was cancelled. 
With no parade we didn't really have a reason to visit our old Greek houses for breakfast in the morning and it was kind of sad not to visit.  Also, none of these activities are as fun as they would be if I wasn't hauling a 19 month old who won't be held or strapped in for more than a few minutes at a time.  The football game and tailgating went on as scheduled even though it rained all morning at tailgating and Ben ended up soaking wet because he wouldn't stay under the tents and crawled around on the ground like he normally does. 

He eventually gave in to his normal nap time urges and slept through part of tailgating and the game.  When I looked under his blanket canopy I noticed he had a new football that my dad bought him when they were strolling around the parking lot.  Such a spoiled baby. 
So another Homecoming has passed and made me wish I could feel like a college student again for just a few days.  Overhearing a stranger in a bar refer to me as "the pregnant lady" on Saturday did not help me feel youthful and collegiate but I guess I will not be pregnant next year so  have that to look forward to!  I guess I asked for it by being a "pregnant lady" in a bar to begin with. 

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