Monday, October 21, 2013

Back to the Paint Department

This weekend we were home.  It has been awhile and we realized the imminence of a new baby arriving in a month (hopefully not longer than that!) so we decided to paint the babies room and get some furniture moved around.  The two dressers we bought for Ben are going in the baby's room and Ben is getting Justin's old bedroom set from when he was a child. 
Except for fabric stores,  no place makes my imagination run wild with potential ideas than a paint department.  It can be almost impossible to choose from the different but almost the same shades you can get.  And you go there thinking you know what color you want and suddenly your original plan can get derailed by some other inspiration!  This time it was pretty easy to choose.  
The room was originally this color...
I actually kind of like that color, believe it or not.  It is similar to the green I chose for our bedroom in our old house except a little more extreme.  I wanted to do something different for this room though and it was not a very big job due to the wainscoting around the bottom half of the wall. 
And here it is finished...

Hehehe...we aren't telling!  It went smoothly.  We taped and situated the drop cloths on Friday night and Justin had the painting done before the NDSU game started on Saturday afternoon.  I would have liked to help.  Being around painting made me nostalgic for the excitement of moving into and painting our old house.  Someone had to keep Ben out of the room though.  Justin had Al to keep him company. 
This cat thinks everything is a bed.  Who would want to lay on plastic? 
A few weeks ago my sister gave us this chair that she painted for Ben in NDSU colors.  I have been meaning to take some pictures of him with his chair when he has Bison clothes on but it is hard to get done.  These did not turn out very well.  The teenager across the cul de sac was cleaning his car and their dogs were roaming around and another neighbor came out and started frolicking with the dogs and it was all just too distracting! 

At least in the ones where he isn't sitting you can see the precise details of the chair! 
Speaking of chairs, I also decided that I had to get these dining room chairs covered before the baby gets here or risk never getting them covered.  So while Justin was painting on Saturday morning, I dragged my wound up and crazy nineteen month old to the fabric store and hastily chose some fabric.  It is gray with white and turquoise which doesn't exactly match the room right now but I was thinking of colors I would prefer and thought of the future.  They match that table you can see in the background which I love. 

It was a pretty easy job.  I cut the fabric to fit and Justin is actually quite good at this sort of thing due to his experience doing taxidermy.  Yes, seriously!  It is a transferable skill! 

If you were curious here are the seats before.  A professional would probably have removed the old fabric but we just stretched the new fabric over the old. 
Last night I decided to keep going since we were on a weekend productivity roll that I would transfer Ben's clothes to his new dressers before he went to bed.  So I emptied out his drawers and piled everything into laundry baskets only to discover that the new dressers were still full of the junk that we stashed in them when they were in the old guest room/sewing room at the old house.  Among the findings...a drawer (yes a whole drawer) full of my old cds, a drawer full of desk lamps from our dorm days, a drawer full of bags of bows for wrapping gifts (once again, yes a whole drawer) and also drawers with an assortment of craft and sewing stuff.  All which is now without a home.  Ugh it never ends.  If you visit us you can look forward to a guest room that looks more like a massive junk closet with a bed shoved in the corner.  So inviting! 

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