Sunday, July 17, 2011

Twins Game

We went to a Twins game this weekend.  Justin and I went with my parents.  They had free tickets because the weekend's game was sponsored by the Northland Ford Dealers.  The seats were mediocre but any seat is fun at Target Field.  Some friends also met us there.  They had tickets way down by the dugout! 

It didn't matter where you was hotter than the fires of Hades on Saturday afternoon and evening!  It might have been the worst humidity I have ever felt.  I knew we were in for a sauna of a day when I stepped outside around 8 am in Fargo Saturday morning and the was immediately sweating. 

The game was so hot.  I wore a pair of shorts to the game that left my thighs exposed and ended up being glued to my chair the whole time and feeling like I wet my pants.  Those shorts were a bad choice although longer pants would have been hot as well.  Relief came once the sun sank below the stadium wall but that didn't happen until we had been there awhile.  

The view is always lovely!

Before the game there was a ceremony because Bert Blyleven is being inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame and the Twins retired his number.  There were former teammates and coaches on hand to present him with various uniforms from the three decades he played for the Twins and he threw the first pitch.  They played some footage on the big screens.  That is Harmon Killebrew on the screen being interviewed for this occasion before he passed away recently. 

Fortunately we had some open seats around us so there was room to stretch out.  At one point our friends Aaron and Andy climbed up to the cheap seats to see if we had a nicer breeze (we didn't) and there was room for them to stay for awhile. 

It was a fun time, regardless of the heat.  I have attended many Twins games in my life and my enjoyment of them has increased.  When I was in elementary school I thought they were exceedingly boring and they seemed to drag on and on.  I didn't really understand the rules of baseball in those days (not that I am and expert now, but I know what is going on most of the time!).  Now I find it relaxing to just sit there and watch and listen to the music they play between innings.  It is also fun to be at an outdoor stadium and to walk around downtown Minneapolis before and after the games. 

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