Thursday, July 7, 2011

Flowers and Gardens

These pictures are a few weeks old but I realized I forgot to show them off...yes, they are so impressive I am sure everyone is going to be jealous of my gardening ability.  I guess I should also mention that I have had almost nothing to do with any of this because I do not water it or weed it because I am never there!  All I did was put those flowers in the pots back in May.  Justin waters them and takes care of the garden and does everything, much to my dismay because I like taking care of plants.  Sigh...there will be other years...

Here is the garden.  Once again, it is not doing too hot.  The potatoes are taking off and the peas are doing OK but nothing else was really thriving at my last visit.  Justin planted the onion bulbs upside down so those were a bust.  For some reason the green beans didn't grow at all even though spilled bean seed has been seen sprouting in the box of my dad's pickup and on the gravel driveway by his shop on the farm.  I will be seeing it again tomorrow so hopefully everything lookso more robust. 

Ahhh...the flowers...Justin has been diligently watering these during my absences and when I am there I pull of the dead blooms.  They look full and healthy. 

The only plants that have dissapointed me are the geraniums!  I don't know what is wrong with them because those usually grow without a problem.  I made sure not to crowd any plants in the pots this year but the geraniums still look stunted.  It must have been the specific shipment at greenhouse.  How to you like the shadow of my hands in the corner?  Haha. 

For anyone related to Justin, I made an ancestry post about one of your branches that you might find intersting on my blog...that website pulls me in and I was on it until 11 pm last night!

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