Monday, July 11, 2011

Kitchen Faucet

Everyone hold on to their hats...this is going to be exciting!  Justin recently replaced the faucet in the kitchen!  The old one was seeping water out of the base of the  handle when it was turned on at full pressure.  There was always water residue along the backsplash. 

This new one is very nice!  I like how it has that less shiny look (what is that called...brushed?) because water spots do not appear the way they do on shiny fixtures.   Also, I like how the spray nozzle is not black like most of them are in older sinks.  I wish I had a before shot to show you for comparison.  Well...actually I don't.  Who wants a picture of a faucet from the 90's?  Who wants to see a picture of any faucet at all?  Yes, I know, it is your lucky day to get to see a picture of a kitchen sink. 

Allan did something naughty this morning.  It all started a few months ago when I thought it would be funny to put him on a shelf in the linen closet.  He likes enclosed spaces so I thought he would like the compact size of a closet compartment.  He seemed to think it was OK but jumped out pretty quickly.  On Saturday I left the closet open and later discovered that he had jumped in there and was laying on a towel!  Most of the towels were in the basement waiting to be washed so there was extra room in there. 

So...add one more towel to the pile in the laundry room...I promise if anyone comes to visit they will get a towel that no cat has had contact with. 

This morning I was in the shower and I heard a crash.  Allan had tried to jump into the closet again and somehow took down that basket full of crap that you can see at the bottom of the picture.  Maybe he fell short because I had since filled the shelf with folded towels.  I thought no harm was done and started shoving everything back into the basket when i realized I smelled nail polish.  That little blue makeup bag holds my nail polish and one had broken and the other bottles were all covered with pink polish!  What a brat.  Only one bottle broke.  Oh big deal...the broken bottle was a cheap one and not one of nail salon quality polishes that I occasionally buy from bargain bins at Trade Secret.  There are so many naughty things that he doesn't do that I will accept his snoopy, curious behavior.  

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Laverne Knight said...

It’s good to hear that you already had your faucet replaced. It can be really annoying if your sink never gets dry because of the continuous leaks. I wish you took some pics of your old faucet, so that the readers could see the difference between the old and the new one.

Lavern Knight @ Midland Mechanical Inc.