Thursday, July 6, 2017

Big News

Any regular reader might have noticed that my posts are few and far between this summer.  There is a good reason for this.  We have had our house on the market since the end of April.  This means that my usual afternoon naptime hours where I work on the computer, fit in any semblance of a hobby, possibly watch a TV show of my choice that isn't animated or about Gold Mining or fishing in Alaska and do chores has now been replaced with all chores and cleaning all the time.  It's truly all I have time for these days.  And even with this effort, every time a showing is scheduled the house still looks horrible.  After just one day of slacking the house looks like a bomb went off and it takes a whole day of cleaning and vacuuming to recover.  I can't stay on top of it and it's really wearing me down.  So that's what's been going on here.  Please be patient with me...I don't want to quit.

Also, there is something else...

Here are the three kids on the 4th of July...with a 4th chair next to them...yes, it means just what it looks like.  Another baby is coming.  Yes, we are officially crossing the line into the modern day socially unacceptable family size!  We're happy and the kids are excited.  The baby is coming in December and it feels like an eternity to wait.  At least for the pregnant one in the family!  I guess that Old Navy flag shirt Milo is wearing that has the year 2011 on it (it was handed down to us for Ben) will see another July in 2019! 

I will do a full 4th of July post (hopefully) on a day when my house isn't strewn with crap I have to clean up.  We had a busy one and I'm still tired from it.  

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