Saturday, July 8, 2017

10th Anniversary

Well, the Fiestaware dishes in the cupboards have been there for ten years.  The turquoise and yellow towels in the bathroom have been washed and folded for ten years.  The measuring cups and spoons have been used long enough that the measurements have rubbed off and I just know which ones are which.  The piles of dishtowels I received as shower gifts has barely dwindled.  As of June 30th, we have been married for ten years.  I almost forgot to post about it!  Whaaaat?

Who knows if the wedding dress fits anymore.  If you read my last post, you know that now is not the time to try it on!  Here is a little trip down memory lane...or aisle...

We didn't do anything special to celebrate the day since it was Friday and we were heading out for the 4th of July festivities that day.  The traditional anniversary gift for the 10th is aluminum or tin.  Yeah...OK...

Leave it to Pinterest to have abundant ideas for this anniversary:

10th anniversary gift 10th wedding anniversary gift by TimeForGift

 Wedding / Anniversary / Engagement License Plate by designturnpike, $119.00

This one even has Justin on it already!

Thoughtful DIY Gift Ideas for Your Tin Anniversary

DIY tin can lanterns                                                       …

Cute...but these look like something we would have made with a hammer and a nail in Girl Scouts to earn the badge for using tools.

Of course, I couldn't even have imagined pulling a thoughtful gift like any of these together.  I've been too busy pouring bleach into our white porcelain kitchen sink and wiping the bathroom counters five times each day and actually putting away laundry.  Justin, however, had a nice surprise for me which did not involve Etsy or any metal cutting tools...

Blue stones are so "me".  Also is that dust on that dresser?  That better not be dust!

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Ashley Strukel said...

I still don't believe it.

Justy is a good gift giver! I am a little disappointed you didn't fashion a personalized dime keyring for him though. I can see him totally loving that! Ha ha ha.