Tuesday, June 27, 2017

"I Cutted My Hair!"

I can hardly believe it, but in my five years of having kids none of them has gone on the loose with a pair of scissors and messed anything up...until today.  Today I was in my bathroom trying to put some waterproof mascara on before going to the Y  (yes, I wear eye makeup while exercising.  Blast away.  My eyelashes are white, OK?  Maybe I should stop.  Looking like a 10 year old 34 year old might average out to make me look like I'm in my early 20's!)  When I came out Tessa was at the kitchen table....with a comb...and a children's "safety" scissor.  And there was a pile of hair in front of her.  And she said "I cutted my hair!" with great pride.  Eeeeeek.  She was also wearing about twenty of my hair elastics on her wrist.  I've been wondering where they all went.  I guess they were in the junk drawer of the kids' bathroom. 

Safety scissors my a$$!  I think they cut more than just paper!

OK, so this looks kind of bad but her hair is already short.  We recently had it trimmed to eliminate the mullet that keeps developing as the back grows much faster than the top so now the "even out" plan will take a few steps back.

Girrrrrl, enjoy that natural golden white color while it lasts because the whole hair dye industry is build on people trying to fake that color.

It doesn't look very bad, really. 

The rest of her hair hides the short part and I don't think it's very noticeable. 

Why do kids want to cut their hair? I hear about it happening all the time.  I don't think I ever cut my hair when I was a very young child but in middle school I had the awful 1990's style of a wispy fringe of bangs which I would curl and then I would spray the other half of the banks into a stiff wave above them.  I don't have a picture of it because I didn't scan any because it's too embarrassing and google images isn't producing the more late 90's look I want.  It's all crazy early 90's glamour shots and pictures of DJ Tanner/Candace Cameron from Full House.  The fringe bangs often required a quick trim that wasn't worthy of a trip to the salon so I trimmed my own.  The results were mixed.  My friends did this also and too short and crooked bangs weren't uncommon.  Eh...give it a week...Man that decade was bad for hair.  Every decade was had its regrettable styles but man...the 80's and 90's had the curls and teasing and hairspray and precision bangs.  Those bangs were time consuming and if they weren't working out it would make you feel self conscious all day!  Before that, unless you had shiny, perfect thick hair to pull off the Marcia Brady part down the middle look, you had the feathering and rollers and whatever else was required for that look. I don't even know.  I'm glad I don't live in the 70's because my hair wouldn't work with either of those styles.  I'll own the disheveled, shoulder length wash-n-wear look with pride.  I will say it would be fun to travel back in time to a 1940's or 50's era salon and get a perfectly set pin-curl style.  I wonder what everyone will make fun of about the 2010's?  I thought the 2000's were not too offensive but I do remember a lot of very bold skunk stripey highlights that didn't look natural AT ALL.  Time will tell...it's still too soon to know.

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Ashley Strukel said...

When I was about 5 my neighbor cut off several
Inches of my ponytail. We laughed about it about 15 years later, but I didn't think it was cool at the time. I wonder if that inspired me to have perpetually short hair.