Monday, May 22, 2017

The Pretty Flowers

I'm sure no one remembers when I posted about the irises behind the house last year, but the post worthy thing about them was that an unusual pink variety with a gigantic bloom was mixed in with a bunch we thought were purple.  They came from the yard of a botanist who works with Justin, and she has a botanical garden right at her house with so many different plants that bloom with the seasons. Chances are she dug a loose rhizome from another variety as she was digging up this purple cluster but it didn't show up the first year they bloomed so it was quite a surprise. 

Now the pink has spread!  They seem to be spreading around the outside of the cluster. All the clusters are really getting huge.  Too bad the pink ones ended up in front of all the ugly utility stuff. 

This was taken last night and they are even more filled with blooms today.  I want to cut some and put them in a vase but last time I did that the color dripped out of the blooms and left purple marks all over the picture frames that were nearby.  It was weird and not what I was expecting to happen.  There are so many blooms though that cutting a few couldn't hurt. 

I think I will leave the pinks out there.  I looked up pink irises to see if I could find one that looked like these and I think they might be a variety called "Peggy Sue".

 I really need to get to a greenhouse.  We don't have any potted flowers yet.  The time has come! 

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