Wednesday, May 17, 2017

My Late Mother's Day "Surprise".

So far, we've avoided any ER visits, stitches and bone injuries in this house.  I know the kids are still young but so far anyway...There was one occasion where Ben fell out of the car and the impact caused him to bite through his cheek so he had a huge gash inside his mouth and Milo's hospital stay last year for the unidentifiable respiratory virus.  I guess Tessa needed a turn...and yesterday she got it.

She was running through the kitchen and she collided with the counter and started crying.  I initially reprimanded her for being wild and not watching where she was going but when she turned to look at me she had blood running down her face.  Eeek!

Of course, it isn't a large cut at all but blood caked hair never looks reassuring.  I made her sit down and I held a wet cloth over it and then an ice pack.  While I was doing that, Milo got into the bag of Easter candy from the egg hunt we went to that was out on the table and unwrapped five suckers and proceeded to eat all of them at once. 

Yes, that's safe and healthy for a one year old.  He was NOT happy when I took them away.  He was so sticky.  These kids are CRAZY!  But then they totally redeem themselves, like when I caught Ben thinking he was giving Milo a bath last night.

I got my preschool made Mother's Day gift yesterday.  I already knew what it was because Ben told me last week.  "Mom, we are making a surprise for you at school!  It's a picture of our hand and we drew it on shrink dink paper and put it on a key chain!"  Haha...yep, it's a surprise!

It's so cute.  Hopefully it lasts a long time unlike the painted flower pots they made last year.  One rain shower washed off all the paint!

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