Thursday, February 16, 2017

Valentine's Day 2017

Here I sit, with Valentine's debris scattered everywhere.  There are heart covered gift bags, red and pink envelopes, $1 and $5 bills from grandparents and great grandparents, candy wrappers and various Ninja Turtle and Paw Patrol cards strewn all around.  Ben had school on Tuesday so of course they had a party.  He picked out Paw Patrol valentines for his class (same as last year) and this year he sat down and signed his name without any help on all twenty cards. 

What I am quite amazed by is he sat with the list of his classmates' names (we didn't address to individual kids because sorting is a lot of work with preschool kids) and he could read the names.  He even "sounds out" certain letters and figures out who's name it is.  I'm not exactly saying he can read but the foundation is definitely there.  I can't believe it. 

The Valentine box displays were all over on social media.  They are getting more elaborate now that almost all schools have the kids make them at home instead of having everyone bring a box to school and then dumping a pile of paper doilies and construction paper on a table and letting kids have at it on their own.  Lucky for us, we saved the green lego box from last year and it was still intact!  One ring on the top was missing and one needed to be re-attached but we still have that wrapping paper so it was an easy fix. 

Will the lego make it to Kindergarten?  Time will tell...

Tessa made a Valentine headband at the Y drop in daycare.  Milo is obsessed with it and has pulled off all the metallic accents she picked.  I am waiting for the opportune moment to sneak it into the recycle bin. 

We had a lovely family dinner out at our go-to always almost empty Burrito restaurant.  Even that place was pretty busy and we had to wait in line.  When we got home I tried to take a picture of the kids in their red clothes to send to family members but it was a bust.

Milo bit Ben right before this was taken.  He really can chomp.

Can you see they are terrified of him?


Here are my pretty roses.  They sure are a vivid red. 

Justin bought roulette of chocolate boxes...the kind that doesn't tell you what each piece is.  I'm waiting to bit into one of those nasty orange cream ones.  The kids' boxes have gummies in them.  Now that's an idea...

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