Thursday, February 23, 2017

Baby M's Latest Phase

Since he was a baby going everywhere with me in his car seat carrier, everyone has commented on how agreeable, happy, relaxed and of course cute Milo is.  I heard so often from other moms that if they knew it would be like him, they would love to have another baby.  People couldn't resist asking to hold him and, seeing as he is my third baby, I let them get their fix. Last year as I was sitting at the pool window watching Ben's swimming lessons, a dad even couldn't resist asking to hold him, saying it had been years since he held a baby. 

Well, he's still generally happy and friendly and agreeable...BUT he's also learned how to be naughty.  Those 1.5 year olds man...they are pieces of work.  The house is now scattered with oddly placed chairs because...

He learned to climb on the table and walks around on there throwing napkins and whatever else he can find around.  Last night I even caught him on the dining room table messing around with Legos.  Yes, after Christmas that table has slowly been repopulated with Legos.  It's a losing battle. 

The weather has been nice this week and last week so we have played out side without all the winter gear and Milo has had his first real playing outside sessions as a walker.  Oh, does he love it.  On Tuesday I mentioned that we could go outside and I found him trying to put his shoes on. I remember Ben doing that too.  I believe there is a post back in my archives featuring his DIY sandal Velcro strapping. 

This week I was stocking up at my favorite neighborhood Walmart (sarcasm) and I got sucked in to a Lucky Charms display.  They were on sale for once and I fell for it, remembering from my own childhood how the marshmallows are the only good part.  Ben actually did what I told him and ate the cereal part too.  But not this guy...

He is SO on to the whole Lucky Charms thing.  They are such a waste of money.  But, I admit I tried a shamrock marshmallow, and they are as good as I remember. 

Oh, what else...last night he came into the living room wearing Justin's shirt with his head through a sleeve.  It looked like a poncho. 

He also pulls pillows off the couch immediately after I replace them.  They are just always on the floor.  I've given up.  Also in the "always on the floor" category are the dish towels I hang on the oven handle and Tessa's laundry basket. It sits on a bench in her room and it is always tipped over.  He loves to go in the bathtub and pull down all the shampoo bottles.  I am babysitting a neighbor's cat this week and two nights ago we were over there getting instructions and he snuck into her bathroom and dove into the bathtub (empty, of course) and was playing with the bottles in there. 

Just when I thought this house couldn't get any the only real safe zones are the countertops and the mantle above the fireplace.  It's not a pretty sight, I tell you what.  That Marie Kondo lady would be crying if she saw this place. 

Back to the subject of nice weather, I can't believe how much the snow has melted.  Like, I really can't believe I am seeing grass again.  It felt like the snow was insurmountable and it was going to be a spring like 1997 in Eastern ND when the radio station I listened to had a snow drift contest in May where it was 80 degrees and people were reporting snow drifts that still hadn't melted completely yet. If you can recall, the snow drift behind our house was halfway up the living room window and the grill was completely buried 

Now you can see it again.  There has been some major melting.  It rained earlier this week so that melted a lot snow.  It felt so much like spring.

You can see the reflector sticks again.  The nice weather has been such a relief.  Last week there was a day when the neighbor's grandkids were over and all the kids played outside without jackets.  I know it won't last but still...

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