Tuesday, February 28, 2017

One Fish...Two Fish

It's been awhile since Ben's school has celebrated a "theme" day.  Usually there is a week in the fall to observe a big community service week in town and you can donate money to the cause.  He's only in school two days a week instead of three so there haven't been as many days.  Usually there is a pajama day in the mix and a crazy hat or hair day.  Who could forget my very impressive "Emmet from the Lego Movie" costume for favorite character day last year?

Well, this week is Dr. Seuss's birthday week so there are theme days happening.  The whole center has a Dr. Seuss theme going on in the decor so they celebrate it.  We received the email over the weekend that today is...wait for it...dress as your favorite Dr. Seuss character day. Waattttt?  Oh man...what the heck.  We have a few Dr. Seuss books but not many and we don't have any clothing or costumes with that theme either.  So I consulted my favorite friends Pinterest and the Google for ideas.  Of course, everything involved the Cat in the Hat (with a huge red striped hat being the key accessory) or Thing 1 and Thing 2 with crazy wigs.  So...many...wigs and hats!  I don't have the materials for wigs and hats!  The favorite books we have are "Wocket in my Pocket", "Mr. Brown Can Moo" and "One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish".  I thought about printing out a coloring sheet of the Wocket so Ben could put it in his pocket but I thought an accessory to hold wouldn't work very well for preschool.  Everything required at least construction paper which we don't happen to have right now either. ARgggghh!  Finally I thought about the huge containers of fabric I have in the basement and threw together this lovely shirt:

We don't have any solid colored shirts in the house besides grey and black so I turned a yellow shirt inside out and I used safety pins to hold the fish on.  This is not my best work. 

I did try to draw the facial expressions on the fish though.  Mr. Red Fish there has some swirls because he's from the Heirloom Calico quilting collection at Jo-Ann Fabrics. 

So, I pulled this one off but barely.  I usually love a good theme day and always have.  I know I have posted about my enjoyment of the old homecoming festivities at my school when I was growing up.  (Wacky Day, anyone?)  This was a tough one though.  I think I find it a little bit less of a hassle than the new elementary school trend I have been seeing all over social media of kids dressing up as "old people" for the 100th day of school.  Get it, because they look 100 years old?  I feel like it's kind of mean to make jokes about the elderly.  But whatever...I saw it all over the place so I must be the only one who thinks so. 

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Ashley Strukel said...

You're not the only one who thinks dressing up like old people is weird. I don't remember the 100th day of school being anything anyone gave a crap about when I was younger. But I guess neither was Google or Facebook. And I had to walk barefoot uphill both ways, so there's that.