Monday, December 12, 2016

Santa Visit

I mentioned last week that we were going to visit Santa at the mall on Thursday evening.  We headed to the mall in the late afternoon before the big after work rush and there wasn't a line.  All three kids were optimistic as we approached the Santa scene.  Well, Milo was in a good mood although he had no idea what was going on.  Tessa insisted she was going to be happy because last year she was crying and she still talks about how she was sad every time she sees the picture from last year on the fridge.  Well...

I guess it's a typical Santa photo with young kids.  Milo started crying immediately and Tessa could barely keep her composure for some reason.  In the picture it looks like her body is photoshopped on her legs or something.  Strange effect.  At least the kids only asked for their usual predictable toys so we don't have a last minute surprise this year like Ben and his garbage truck.  It's always a good idea to visit Santa a few weeks before Christmas just in case...

I find myself reflecting on the Santa pictures from the past few years.  Five years, specifically.  Wow, a lot can happen in five years.  Let's take a trip through the years, shall we?

Here is 2012...Ben is wearing the same sweater Milo is wearing.  He was only nine months old at that time and apparently hadn't reached the developmental phase of stranger anxiety.  He looks just like Milo. 

Here is 2013.  Tessa still loves to put her hands in her mouth or near her face every time she is asked to look at a camera.  Ben has a black eye too!  I forgot about that!  He was walking up the stairs while carrying a football and fell.  Now he practically leaps and bounds up the stairs. 

In 2014 Tessa would have only been one month younger than Milo is now.  She also looks a lot like him.  She was so cute at that age. 

And last year...this seems like yesterday.  I love the look on Milo's face in this one.  He's like, "Whaaaaat the H3LL?"  This might be the last year of these mall photos.  They almost doubled the price for the cheapest package and they aren't even that good.  There are lots of free events around town.  We just have to fit them in our schedule. 

It makes me happy to see the growth and additions over five years.  Although caring for three kids this young can be draining and some days I can barely make it to the end of the day (which is usually around 10 p.m.) I am reminded that a family is something I have always wanted and for many it doesn't come as easy as it does for us. Christmas can be a hard time for those who are waiting for a child that they want so much and I am grateful for these years of Santa photos. 

After the Santa visit we were walking through the mall and decided impulsively to have Tessa's ears pierced.  We have discussed it occasionally since she was a baby and we decided to go for it.  I wasn't sure since I didn't have mine done until I was ten years old but I know lots of people who have it done when their daughters are infants so I don't think there is really a right or wrong time.  I was worried about it hurting her though.  Her reaction similar to a reaction to vaccines at the doctor.  She cried for about ten seconds and we distracted her with a new stuffed animal and before I could even pay she was looking at all the fascinating girl nonsense at her eye level at Claire's.  They were red the first night and since then they haven't seemed to bother her at all. 

She does look pretty cute...I hope the dumb and more expensive "super fast healing" cleaner they sold me really works.  It's supposed to help them heal in three weeks instead of six.  It has three ingredients, and one is water and the second is sodium hypochlorite which I recognized from my old swimming pool days.  It is chlorine bleach.  The ear cleaner has bleach in it.  I could have mixed a diluted bleach solution in my house for pennies.  Now I'm worried it might drip on my clothes or hers.  I'm on to you Claire's!  I'm telling everyone I know! 

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