Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Bilzzard Round Two

Well, I can't believe it myself but I am sitting here stranded in the house with a preschool boy who needs to be in preschool at home driving everyone crazy for the second time in a week.  If you can recall, school was cancelled last Tuesday (and also Wednesday but Ben doesn't have school on Wednesday) and almost everything in town is closed and the plows have even been pulled from the city streets until tomorrow.  I usually enjoy a good blizzard as long as its not ruining major plans like getting to a wedding or New Years Eve or Christmas but when you are stranded with three little kids you can't enjoy the usual activities like kicking back with some movies and the Internet or getting long neglected projects done around the house.  It's just another day except you are stuck in your house and missing another day of preschool and swimming lessons that you are paying for that probably won't get made up like public school does.  Justin did get to work although I hope he leaves early if the plows have been pulled from the streets.  And this time it's not 30 degrees outside so frolicking in the snow probably won't happen.  Well, anyway, enough complaining.  At least Justin is not in a different state this time so I will have another adult to share this experience with. 

I have Ben's school pictures to share.  For some reason the school didn't use the usual LifeTouch provider so they didn't get done right away in September or October like other schools.  They were done before Thanksgiving and we got the proofs last week.  They were due today with absolutely no exceptions so I don't know how that will work out since no one can turn them in.  There were four background choices which were all a bit outdated in my opinion so I chose the one that would blend with the orange shirt and they are...OK...As far as how Ben looks they are really nice but I'm not crazy about the setup. 

We are ordering the smallest package, so don't worry grandparents, you won't be stuck with a big old 5x7 of any of these!  I was hoping to have the wallets to slip into Christmas cards but that probably won't be happening with this delay. 

Come to think of it, they are not much of a step up from the crazy early 1990's backdrops from our old school photographer that took all of my childhood pictures starting in 2nd grade...

There was always the plain black or blue, some kind of green or autumn leaves and then a...wildcard...usually some digital type of thing which I guess must have been kind of advanced for the times.  This was second grade.  Give me straight teeth, eyeliner and mascara and some jowls and I would look exactly the same! 

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Ashley Strukel said...

He's so cute! It drives me crazy that he and Harrison aren't best friends forever. Hey! Maybe they'll be roommates someday!