Thursday, December 8, 2016

Elf on the Shelf 2016

I haven't mentioned it yet but our Elf on the Shelf is back in the house.  Some people start after Thanksgiving, some on December first and here I started it on December 2nd.  Because I forgot.  If you peruse social media or follow any parenting websites you will know that nothing gets people more riled up around Christmas time than this silly thing.  Some people love it and love to show off what they do with it every day.  Other people hate it and feel the need to write articles and blog posts about how they think it is creepy, annoying and how they don't have TIME FOR THAT!!!  Both groups like to bash each other.  And this is the Internet in 2016. 

I purchased one last year and we only do what the book it comes with suggests, which is move it around to different shelves or high areas in your house.  I haven't yet set up any little scenarios involving flour snow angels or anything that would create extra work for me. The kids, mostly Ben, have fun looking for him every morning (ours is a boy.  You can get a boy or a girl).  When we were unpacking the Christmas decorations, right on top when the box was opened, was a little jacket, still in the package, which I bought on clearance last year.  It's a bomber jacket with a fur collar. 

Yes, they make and sell whole racks of outfits, props and even a reindeer expansion pack for Elf on the Shelf.  Part of the hatred toward this routine is that it is just one more thing to spend money on at Christmas but I bought this accessory on CLEARANCE for 90% off so LAY OFF HATERS!  Ben saw it in the package so I said it was a present for the elf and we could leave it out for him when it was cold.  So two nights ago, I remembered to do it and we left him a little note and he was wearing the jacket the next morning.  The kids were pretty delighted and I admit I think the elf looks pretty cute an cozy in that coat.  It tied in nicely with our blizzard. 

I also should address the fact that the elf is riding on a parrot from Mexico...I did that one last year too and it is by far my favorite elf placement! 

Tonight we are planning to head to the mall and visit Santa.  I often can't get around to posting on Friday when we are going out of town but I will try to share those pics as soon as possible so cool your jets everyone!  I KNOW people sit and refresh this page, just waiting for new content.  Yes, I'm sure...

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