Monday, October 10, 2016

Milo is 1!

Milo's birthday was on Friday.  Wow, that came up fast.  We didn't have a real party with a theme or anything.  He had a cake with each set of grandparents and opened some presents.  He went on his first combine ride and had his first experience with a blood sugar spike, which was hilarious.  He went to the doctor today and he weighs 21.2 pounds and is 30 inches long.  I was sure he was heavier than that.  He sure feels heavier.  He is, however, the biggest of the three at age one.  I don't think Tessa broke 20 pounds until she was 18 months old. 

Here are a few pictures.  They are not in the right chronological order because Blogger has been doing that annoying thing where pictures show up as little x icons all afternoon and now that it finally works I'm too annoyed to spend anymore time arranging them and then adding my phone uploads in the proper places. 

This cake is the cake Justin's mom got him. 

He immediately grabbed an oreo and shoved it in his mouth! 

After he finished a nice big slice I put him in the tub and he proceeded to splash around and run laps around the tub like a maniac! 

Ben and Tessa had their first experience with noise makers.  Oops, I forgot to bring them with us! Oh shoot, what a shame...

This is the cake he had at the farm.  We stopped and  bought it at a grocery store on the way.  Justin picked it and he said it was the only boyish cake.  It is a "Monster Jam" in monster trucks.  The truck on the cake is Grave Digger.  Some 1 year olds have Sesame Street, some have a favorite toy theme, Milo has Grave Digger...

At the list minute I remembered to dig out the 1st birthday onesie. It has been worn by several other kids and is still going strong!  The birthday hats were ones that my mom had around the house.  It only stayed on his head for two seconds anyway.  I love my super fast camera! 

He got a little toy motorcycle and new Converse shoes. 

This tractor with mega blocks was a hit because he likes to stick things in the cabs of toy trucks.  If his pacifier ever goes missing, that is where I start looking.  The roof lifts off this tractor on a hinge so it will be perfect for storing favorite treasures.

Yesterday Milo went for his first tractor ride!  He liked it but he got kind of bored.  We were in the tractor pulling the grain cart so maybe he will be more intrigued with the combine and its spinning header.

All three kids had photos taken last week at a studio and I haven't had the chance to share them yet but here is a preview of Milo's 1 year old session. 

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