Tuesday, October 4, 2016

An HC Harvest

It was my beloved NDSU Homecoming over the weekend.  Just like everything else I used to enjoy, it is not the same with kids.  But oh well...it was still fun.  I used to have camera tucked in my purse to snap pictures all day but this year I took no pictures.  Well, I took one.  It was of my mom's hand covered in stickers after Tessa sat with her at the football game.  Just her hand.  None of anyone's face.  Meanwhile, Ben was back at the farm combining soy beans. 

I get a weird feeling in my stomach when I see anyone on top of a pile of grain or beans like this because all I can think of is how they will get sucked into it if someone opens the hatch below.  I had too many years of "ABC on the Farm" training in elementary school.  I can still see that little toy farmer getting pulled into the little demonstration bin, never to be seen again.  Gulp.  But I know no one was going to open the hatch on this truck.  The pictures are really cute. 

On Sunday was the day I have been waiting for all summer, as I hoed and pulled weeds in the June and July sun until I had sweat dripping off of me.  Pumpkin harvest!  Oh YEAH. 

It was pretty good.  There are many pumpkins, mostly in smaller sizes.  Next year we need to get some jumbo seeds in there.  There were a few gourds but not as many as I hoped. 

We loaded as many as we could fit into the back of my SUV and now my garage is rather crazy and our front step looks like...well...like a pumpkin patch exploded on it.  I have friends coming over today to take some and I hope to distribute them to the neighbors to make room for more because I didn't even pick from the second half of the patch!  GAAAH!  Pumpkins everywhere!  I love it!  I don't care that my arms are covered in scratches. 

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