Thursday, October 20, 2016

Carrot Processing

On Monday we pulled up what was left of the garden (pretty much everything, in a wilted and frost killed state) and dug the carrots.  Digging carrots is always fun because you have no idea what you will be getting.  We had two different varieties.  One was long skinny carrots and the other was our usual huge sugar-beet like carrots.  There were some good ones this year.  We filled one of those big plastic tubs with rope handles that are usually used for toy storage (the one we have is mine from childhood and I used it for stuffed animals) to the top.  I didn't get any good pictures because we were in a hurry.  Justin's co-worker has a garden across the alley and we were both tilling with a rented tiller that had to be returned soon and it also started raining as we were finishing.  Oh, and I had Milo in the stroller and I gave him a bottle of milk to feed himself and he managed to pull the nipple out of the ring and dump milk all over himself and the stroller.  Here is a picture of a small portion of them peeled and ready to slice. 

Here is the final product ready for the freezer! 

They sure are good and fresh tasting.  It was a very intense peeling and slicing session.  When I was slicing I could feel the nerve damage in my hand tingling from when I spent hours scraping glue and 1970's era carpet padding off the wood floor in our old house which is what I am doing in my picture on the side of the blog!  This year, I am happy to report that my hands didn't get dyed orange.  My finger nails look a bit off but that's all. 

Speaking of orange, here is our "crazy pumpkin people" display in front of our house!  If there were any deer in town they would be partying here every night!

It slipped my mind with all the carrot madness but I missed Allan's adoption anniversary.  I believe it was October 15th.  I know it was a Thursday and I had to look back at a calendar to find the date. 

He was so tiny.  Look at that little cute kitten!  And look at that relic of a computer and ancient looking Internet search engine page.  I wish I could read what I was searching for. 

Ahhh, a pristine living room, with only a cat scratching post to clutter it seems like a different world!

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