Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Weekend Recap and Olympic Recap

So...I just spent several minutes writing and decided to upload a picture from my Blogger app on my phone and somehow deleted everything I wrote but the pictures are still here.  I don't have time to rewrite it so...in summary...

Milo can finally stand up so we can be outside without him crawling into the rocks or me having to haul baby holding equipment out on the deck.  He loves the water table.

Yes indeed, he loves the water table. He gets his clothes wet.

Allan watches like a creep out the window.

Ben likes to play with him.

We saw baby Alice this weekend and Milo kept trying to climb on her in this chair.

The other kids got to hold her.  Whew!  Now I'm caught up to where I left off, which was the beginning of my Olympic commentary.  That's more interesting anyway, I think. 

Over the weekend we were at my parents' house and I tried to catch as much Olympic action as possible.  My sister and I were talking about the neon yellow shoes all the athletes are wearing.  They wear one pair for casual wear and on the metal stand and the track stars are wearing a style that is neon yellow with a pink ombre effect on the back. 

Image result for  nike shoes rio olympics

The casual shoes...

Image result for  nike shoes rio olympics

The performance shoes.

Well, Nike's evil plan worked and we decided we want them.  The casual shoes are $130 and who knows about the performance shoes. 

Well, I just got new $100 Nikes for Christmas so I know I won't be getting more new ones.  I am on a 2-3 year rotation for workout shoes.  However, my previous pair is quite similar to the Olypmic ones in that they are a neon color and have a white sole and a soft, mostly mesh body.  They got really filthy earlier this summer because I wore them to hoe our pumpkin patch for two days in a row but I put them in the washing machine and now they are bright and new looking again!

Yes, this is the picture that I decided to add that caused me to lose my writing.  So...worth...it.

Did anyone see that Chinese woman get proposed to after she was on the metal stand for winning a silver? 

Image result for chinese diver engagement

This is the most awkward thing...I know there are cultural differences in how much emotion we show but I feel like she wasn't really happy about his timing.

I have been watching gymnastics and the night of the vault finals I randomly observed that you rarely see athletes from India even though they have a huge population.  Then, a few minutes later, a gymnast from India named Dipa Karmaker is being introduced!  And she was in third place and poised to get a bronze metal...but guess who hadn't had her turn yet...Simone Biles.  So we all know how that turned out.  I was hopeful for Karmaker though.  Of course our commentators were pretty much saying without saying that she should be lucky just to be there but sometimes they need to just be quiet.

Image result for dipa karmaker

Also regarding gymnastics, just last night I watched the beam finals and a gymnast from the Netherlands, Sanne Wevers, did the strangest routine on the balance beam and ended up winning the gold medal in that event.  I don't know much about what makes a routine special or difficult but there was something fascinating about this one. 

Image result for sanne wevers

Nothing against Simone and my favorite gal Laurie, but Sanne was awesome.

I'm already missing swimming which ended on Saturday, I think.  We will all remember Michael Phelps' last race and of course, gold medal.  I personally enjoyed watching the less famous swimmers in all their glory, including this tearful young man from earlier in the week:

Image result for Men's swimming relay rio 2016

Oh, Ryan Held, you stole my heard with your earnest display of overwhelm! 

OK, I have kids whining and pestering me for attention so that is all I have time for although I could go on all day. One final observation...apparently I have a problem remembering that "medal" is not the same as "metal" and I keep writing metal. 


Ashley Strukel said...

RM you're my fave. Also, did I tell you we don't get NBC in Jamestown. So the Olympics are over for me unless I see clips on Facebook. Now I need to go find the vault!

Ashley Strukel said...

I mean balance beam. I did see the vault. I'm a moron.