Monday, August 29, 2016

Football Returns

It seems like we were barely away from it, but now college football is back again.  It feels like I was just waddling around tailgating at 8 months pregnant while 600 people asked me when I was due and if I knew if I was having a boy or a girl and now that boy is 10 months old and he attended his first game this weekend! 

In my past life I loved nothing more than a day of tailgating/day drinking followed by either going to the game or heading to the bar right away for more night drinking.  Those days are ancient history now and I admit I was filled with some foreboding all week when I tried to wrap my head around a football game day with all three kids. 

We decided to have Saturday be a day trip, which turned out to be a pretty bad idea for reasons which you will find out later so as soon as we arrived in Fargo we had lunch downtown at our favorite Chinese restaurant.  There was some rain in the forecast and it ended up being a quick and vicious storm complete with hail which we were caught in on the residential streets of Fargo.  I tell you, I've never seen as much hail in my whole life as I have seen this summer. 

We tried to hide under a tree.  I looked at my car today in the sun and I can see a few tiny dimples on it from the hail.  As everyone was saying, it was fitting because "HAIL the Bison!" 

One the storm passed we got to tailgating where the kids got busy picking up the "tiny balls of ice" before they melted. 

The day went pretty good, actually.  The kids were civilized, Milo kept it all in  his diaper and the weather ended up being good.  Tessa had her first outhouse experience, Ben is old enough to enjoy what is going on and Milo was his usual good natured self.

The game was a night game so the two younger kids ended up napping during tailgating time which was nice.

If only every weekend would be so warm! 

Milo saw with me the first half up in  my semi-nosebleed section seats.  He was very intrigued with the commotion and the crowds moving around him. 

This picture is no indication but he really did not want to wear his ear protection.  Fortunately he didn't seem bothered by the noise either but I tried to hold them on during the loudest times. 

As most of you probably know, the game went into overtime and wasn't over until after 10 p.m. I had Tessa sitting with me the second half.  Believe it or not, people don't find whiny two year olds as charming and adorable as babies so keeping her contained was a bit more difficult. 

This picture was taken around 10:05 when I was ready to scream at the teams to "Just get it over with already!!!" I was trying to take her picture with the four tootsie roll pop mini's she had unwrapped.  We ended up winning the game.  Our day trip excursion ended with us being stranded in traffic in the parking lot until 11:00 and getting home at 1:30 a.m.  And, of course, Milo was up at 6:00 a.m.  But, in genereal, it was a good start to the season. 

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