Monday, August 8, 2016

Milo is 10 Months Old

As of yesterday, Milo turned ten months old (and his cousin Claire turned two!).  Ten months is a magical age of extreme cuteness mixed with ever increasing mobility and capacity for destruction.  I still laugh when I think of the following article which I have added the link to...A 10 month old's Christmas list.  It contains just what you would imagine...dust bunnies, cords, glasses and garbage.

Milo spent the weekend at the lake, where he went in the water for the first time.  I thought about it and I don't think he has been swimming yet.  I am surprised by this since I love swimming and the other two had their first lake/pool experience at a younger age.  We don't really even have a properly fitting swimming suit for him.  I found some trunks that seemed like they would fit but when I stretched the waistband the elastic disintegrated.  That will happen with 2012 era hand me downs that were already hand me downs before that!  The fish suit he is wearing is a 3-6 month one and it fit OK although the waist was tight.  I ended up having him swim in his swimming diaper.  His rash guard shirt is an 18 month shirt.  It was between that and a three month one which wouldn't even fit over his head. 

Just like he is about everything else, he was fine with his ill fitting swimwear.  He was actually quite happy about it.

He was also quite happy about the water.  I feel bad that I haven't had him swim a long time ago.  He loved to float in this little boat. 

He was ready to dive overboard!

We figured out that he was happiest when he was reclining instead of upright with his legs in the leg holes.  The boat retained a small amount of water because of the leg holes so he kicked and splashed.

I love how happy he's like a constant cuteness display around here. 

It's so fleeting...I know what is coming...toddler B.S. We could use more of that around here...I don't listen to enough whining and fighting. 

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