Thursday, July 21, 2016

Stealth Update

OK, this is going to be fast.  My sister is having a baby tomorrow and I need to finish the baby quilt today!  I should be sewing right now!  I remembered that I keep forgetting to share these.  Ben's t-ball pictures!  Tonight is the last game so I am going to bring my camera and get some good action shots. It's only about 1,000 degrees with 99% humidity so it should be a fun evening.  Actually, I like the heat. Too bad coolers of beer are not socially acceptable at t-ball.  Maybe they should just blow off the game and have water games instead.  My kids haven't experienced water balloons yet and I fear that day.

Will this be my gateway sports photo that leads to me wearing three different photo buttons on my coat in a few years? 

What have the other kids been up to?  Nothing much...this photo is a good example of what Tessa is usually doing. 

Yeah, I know, it is a bit overwhelming.  And it is a huge choking hazard.  Yet, the days go by and Milo hasn't swallowed any of this yet.  I am on constant alert. 

I have been thinking it is time to get to the hair salon to get Tessa's little mullet trimmed again but today she brought me a hair tie and asked for a ponytail...awwww...

It's pretty minimal but I guess the trip will wait.  She was really proud of this. 

And then there is Milo...he has become very mobile this last week after mastering the pull to stand routine.  This morning I spaced out for a minute and realized that I hear splashing that I shouldn't be hearing and came upon this scene.

He was wet up to his elbows.  Thank you LAWD that the water was clean.  With a little boy and a newly trained girl the rest of the comment on the cleanliness. 

OK, time to sew now.  Oh, and maybe you noticed my patriotic background...I realized I still had a Valentine's Day background on here.  It's a bit late for the 4th of July but that's not why I chose it...I chose it because I'm excited for the Olympics! 

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