Thursday, July 28, 2016

Something That Will Last

There is a blog I follow by a mom of four who I don't know.  She lives in another state and her blog focuses on her daily mom fashions and her hand made jewelry business.  I found her through Pinterest.  If you were to search for any type of fashion inspiration her pictures would come up. I have trouble relating to her sometimes because she is so tiny and perfect and she always tries to pretend like she shows an honest and raw side of motherhood but I can tell she isn't exposing the worst of it and it seems kind of fake.  But, I keep going back because I love her style.  She's LDS so she dresses modestly (no short shorts or tank tops or low cut shirts) but you would never guess if you looked at her cute outfits.  Anyway, she admitted one day that she feels like nothing she does in her work as a mother is anything that lasts and that everything gets undone as soon as she does it so she tries to do something every day that will last and that a child can't come along and destroy.  Her thing is writing blog posts, which I guess is mine too!  But, every once and awhile I pull off something even better!  Now that both my new nephew and niece have been born I can finally show them quilts!  I had a rush of inspiration that weekend back at the end of April when I had a weekend at home with Milo after he had been in the hospital. As  watched the NFL Draft all weekend I cut and sewed and ironed and managed to get most of the quilt tops done.  Then, almost two months later, the first baby arrived two weeks early so I got motivated to finish the first quilt for him before we visited.  Then, I put off finishing the second quilt until I knew my sister was getting induced at the end of that week.  That's how I roll.  It is really nice not to have these half finished things folded up in the laundry room anymore. 

This is the "boy" quilt for the now known baby Gus. 

The picture below is the Pinterest photo which gave my the color inspiration.
This is the "girl" quilt which now belongs to baby Alice. 

Here is the Pinterest inspiration.  I used the diamond/triangle blocks for both quilts.

Maybe I can start quilting more...I had no choice but to sew when both older kids were awake in the afternoons and they were pretty good although they had to sit right next to me.  Ben even helped me pin the layers together. 

Although he didn't get the pins through all three layers every time the layers were still smooth.  I was impressed! 

Yesterday I engaged in a chore which most certainly won't last but it made me feel happy for the moment at least.   I sorted out the many containers and bags and bowls filled with Tessa's "treasures".  These include vase filler marbles, Shopkins, erasers, miniature Frozen figures, beads and lots of other weird junk.  What inspired this sorting fest which involved the whole surface of the kitchen table covered with little piles was me giving Tessa my old Caboodle makeup case from the 90's to use for a treasure chest.

Remember Caboodles?  They were THE accessory to have in the 90's.  I waited a long time to find the perfect one and I knew when I saw this jewel-toned box at Target that it was the one for me! 

Check out that sweet lipstick tray! I also had a miniature pink one and this tiny jewelry holder that I received as a stocking stuffer one year.

I used to have my caboodle packed with my mom's junky old reject makeup and chapsticks and cheap Avon nail polish and I would bring it to every sleepover.  Caboodles are actually pretty useful things.  I don't know why they are now relics of the 90's.  I suppose they are too big for most travel situations and the insides would get kind of gross from all the makeup powder.  Instead, I prefer to have all my makeup thrown drawer with a silverware tray that is supposed to keep it organized but it's still all mixed up but at least it's mixed up in nice oblong compartments.

Now it is full of Shopkins and their choking hazard friends.  I was unsure if I should keep it during my childhood bedroom purge but I'm glad I did. 

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