Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Lilies in Bloom

Last year we (Justin) remove some scrubby little bushes from our landscaping and we obtained several varieties of day lilies from his coworker who is a botanist.  She gave us our irises too.  When we planted the lilies they didn't have flowers on them and we knew it would be a year before they bloomed.  Well, now that year has passed.  I have been waiting for the buds to open and now they are showing their colors!  These are really giving me a thrill.  I'm so glad that coworker was willing to share her plants with us last year!

These are the plants lined up in front of the house.  There is lemon yellow,




and blackish-purple. 

I don't know which color is my favorite! 

We also planted six different varieties of gold ones along one side of the house.  I wasn't as excited about these because gold daylilies are everywhere you look.  They seem to be a popular landscaping filler for public places and parks.  This is probably because they require no maintenance and minimal water.  However, I have been enjoying the different types of gold flowers.  There is a plant with tiny flowers and really slim leaves and a giant one with bloom as big as my hand. 

They look kind of tropical, although we all know there is nothing tropical about this region! 

When I was taking pictures of the lilies I took a few of my front yard planters.  This one was kind of an add assortment and I crowded an extra plant in at the end and it has turned out to be one of my favorites from this summer.

It's so bright!  Here are a few others. 

They are really growing full and I haven't found a single dead plant yet.  Usually there are several that don't make it for some reason.  YEAH! I've also been giving them fertilizer.  The backyard pots are looking nice too.  I will save those for a later post. 

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Ashley Strukel said...

RM! Those are stunning! You make me want to try gardening, even though I suck at it and know nothing. Why can't we be neighbors?